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Kameko Rooks is a lifestyle blogger and social influencer. Being a native New Yorker gives her the ability to transition from the fast-paced city life to balancing a family. She has a passion for trying new foods, discovering underwater life, learning new cultures, and exploring different countries. Traveling with Meko shares insight and gives inspiration to young families and mothers. With her frequent travel background, she can provide you with ALL the tips and travel hacks to an affordable getaway for you and your loved ones. 

Scuba Diving
Recent Post

June 24, 2019

Taking a plunge in the shark arena with Stuarts Cove was the ultimate adrenaline rush as a scuba diver! To a non-diver, just the thought of being in the ocean with sharks may be frightening. But was I afraid to take witness to this feeding? Heck no. Although my heart w...

May 31, 2018

Scuba diving in Cuba was a short weekend but a phenomenal experience diving in Varadero. Hurricane Irma may have destroyed parts of the island of Varadero & most scuba equipment during the storm, but it did not destroy the spirits of the Cubans. Tourism and scuba must...

April 24, 2017

 Who was Jacques Cousteau ?


Jacques Cousteau was a French navy officer and underwater explorer. He enjoyed the fascinating underwater life as well as being an innovator,  as he liked to call himself the “oceanographic technician.” In 1943 Cousteau co-invented th...

February 12, 2017

Here in Playa Del Carmen I had the opportunity to take my advance diving course with Dressel Diver International. I booked the gorilla package online and purchased it before hand to save 20% off. The package included 5 dives and my advance course! You're able to choose...

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