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Here in Playa Del Carmen I had the opportunity to take my advance diving course with Dressel Diver International. I booked the gorilla package online and purchased it before hand to save 20% off. The package included 5 dives and my advance course! You're able to choose which dives you would want to do from night dives, bull shark dives, to the island of Cozumel, and many more.When I arrived in Playa everything was taken care with my transportation and pick up times. The Dressel staff were very welcoming and friendly. They helped me settle in quickly and got me ready to gear up all my equipment.The instructors were supportive and knowledgeable. Diving with the instructors had made it enjoyable so really it didn't seem like I was taking a course. Dressel Divers has many locations. The next time i'm out the country for sure I will check to see if they are located in the country i'm going to next!

Diving in Playa- In Playa I did multiple dives. The best Dive here was the bull sharks. If you're there the right time you can witness another diving company feed the sharks! The ship wreck dives are something to experience. There numerous schools of fish in Playa. You can spot a diversity of fish here off the coral reef.

Diving in Cozumel- Cozumel is a favorite dive of mine!The colorful coral reef is out of this world! Cozumel has a few walls that drops straight down to the infinite depths. The view is unbelieveable.It had a mermaid feel when swimming through the rock formations and coral.

Diving in Cenote- Exploring the cenotes was such an insane experience. Its an out of this world feeling. Looking above from underneath doesn't even seem like your underwater. If you watch the video at 5:36-6:31 you can witness the salt and fresh water mixing together. I had know idea you could even be a witness to this amazing experience. Most parts of the cenote there is always a ray of sunlight shining through. Inside the depths of the cenote, you can find larger cave formations, stalacties and stalamites.

Diving in Riviera Maya- A night time dive sounds scary, doesn't it?! Well it wasn't!The night dive was incredible! When you think of a night dive you think your going to dive in the ocean thats pitch black and won't be able to see a single thing. We started to gear up and be on the boat before the sunset. The first part of the dive there is enough sun light so your able to still see. You'll also have a flashlight handy if you need more light. The only time its completely pitch black is when your at your safe stop ready to resurface.At night you'll be able to see all the creepy crawlers that you won't be able to see in a day time dive. Its almost like playing hide and go seek. Flash your light on the ocean floor and you can see crabs crawling, octopus gliding, and lobsters feeding all at NIGHT. Its an experience you won't catch in a day time dive! Subscribe to my Youtube channel to see more videos.

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