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Brica Fold 'n Go Travel Bassinet By Muchkin

When your traveling with an infant you want your precious little one to be as comfortable as possible. Traveling with my Brica Travel Bassinet makes that possible. The Fold n' Go Travel Bassinet is lightweight and can easily be stored on your stroller handle or an overhead bin on a plane/train. On flights, we take advantage of the free flights since our son is under the age of 2. When flying we always request the bassinet seat on the plane which is considered the extra leg room space. Not only is our son able to stretch out fully and lay down but it also takes the stress off of me from having to hold an infant that can barely support his neck on an entire flight. The travel bassinet isn’t just perfect for traveling but we use it for everyday life. We take along the bassinet to his grandparent's house where he doesn’t have a crib or even at the beach, instead of laying on a sandy towel. We use our travel bassinet so much that our son never misses home because he's used to the familiar travel bed.

To purchase your infant's Travel Bassinet click the direct link to Amazon's website.


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