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Osprey Carry On Travel Backpack.

The Osprey Ozone Travel Pack 46 is the only travel backpack I use when traveling. This is an ultralight travel pack perfect for long weekends. If you pack right, you'll be able to pack for longer then a week's travels. I used to think I needed to bring my whole closet when I travel, so of course, I used to think I'm going to need to purchase a check-in bag. How could I ever downsize to just a carry-on bag traveling for weeks? It was until a close friend recommended the Osprey bag. It changed the way I travel. I could literally fit my whole life in this bag with the many compartments this bag offers. Now I don’t spend money on check bags. Just think about It! You already spend a ridiculous amount of money on a plane ticket! By skipping out on paying for a check-in bag, you be able to spend that money on extra activities on vacation.

Why choose a carry-on bag?

  • It saves you money! Buying cheap flights means you won't be accommodated with a free check-in bag. Check-in bags can be costly if your flying one ways and on local non-major airlines. The last time I paid for a check-in bag on a local airline, I had to pay $200USD just for one bag!!! Ever since then I ONLY travel with my Osprey carry on bag.

  • You don't have to wait for your luggage when you get off the plane.

  • You don't have to worry about your luggage getting lost or stolen.

What I packed in my Osprey bag?

TIP: If you roll your clothes everything will fit!

  • 4 Pair of jeans

  • Laptop

  • One pair of both heels

  • A sweater

  • Make up bag

  • 2 Make up palettes

  • Jumpsuit

  • 5 Tops

  • 2 Pair of sunglass

  • Toiletries

  • Home keys

  • Wallet


  • Travel Pack/Ultralight

  • 46 Liters / ~ 2,800 Cubic inch

  • Sizes: Small 24, Medium 36, Large 46

  • Direct access tablet sleeve

  • Front panel organizational pocket

  • Large access main compartment

  • Lockable main compartment zippers

  • Low profile carry handles

  • Lower compartment

  • Ozone Handle-It

  • Stowaway harness and hip belt

  • Stretch mesh pockets

  • Ventilated harness and hip belt

What I like about this bag.

I love everything about this bag but here are my top reasons!

  • It has a laptop compartment.

  • If I'm traveling for a long weekend, I am able to fit my daughter's personal items with mine in one pack.​​

  • You can put a lock on the zippers for security.

  • There is a compartment at the bottom of the bag where you can put damped clothes and won’t touch your clean clothes.

  • Adjustable straps and gives me back support.

  • It's lightweight

  • It saves me money!!!


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