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Saint Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands

What is there to do in Saint Thomas?


Magens Bay- Is St. Thomas' most popular beach and known as one of the best top 10 beaches in the world! It is also the longest beach on the island that stretches 1 mile long. The water is very calm and clear with is great for families! Beach chairs and floats are available for rent and food/drinks can be found at the snack bar on the beach. Lifeguards are also on duty every day. The only downside to this beach is that you have to pay a fee in order to get in. Adults $5. Children 12 and younger are free. Parking is $2.

The beach hours are 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM

Coki Beach Point- Is located right next to Coral World Ocean Park so you can make a visit to both for the day. Coki Beach is one of our favorite beaches because it has some of the clearest waters and the softest sand I ever felt! At this Coki Beach, you'll find many locals and an affordable restaurant on the beach with cheap eats and drinks! There is a dive shop, jet ski rental and several vendors renting snorkel gear, beach chairs and floats. It is also FREE to enter and you can stay on the beach from sun down till sun up!

Hull Beach- This beach is known as one of the best spots on the island for surfing so expect a few waves!

Bolongo Bay- Located on the south shore of the island at the Bolongo Beach Resort, this beach offers a variety of watersports and beach toy rentals.

Brewer’s Bay- Is a great beach for family picnics and gatherings. Brewer's Bay has shallows waters, great for young kids.

Sapphire Beach- Has blue waters which has great snorkeling, windsurfing, jet skiing and more.

Where I stayed?

Since most hotels were fully booked on the island when we traveled here, we stayed in an Airbnb.

Never tried AirBnB before? You can get $40 off your stay through my link.​

Where to stay in Saint Thomas?

Charlotte Amalie

Is the downtown city of Saint Thomas. Here you'll find many hotels, restaurants, and shops within walking distance. Charlotte Amalie is also the most touristy location where many cusise ships and ferries come in and out of.

Frenchmans Bay

A quiet area great for families. There's not much in this neighborhood but it puts you in the middle of the island, which you can drive to either side and won't be a long trek getting back to your Airbnb or hotel.

Red Hook

Is a hip neighborhood to stay in with a great nightlife. In this area, you'll find many restaurants, waterfront bars, and tourist and locals dancing the night away.


Is more of an undisturbed side of the island. Here you'll be close to the airport and the University of the Virgin Islands. The westside puts you between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

What language is spoken in Saint Thomas?

English but locals also speak a Virgin Islands creole.


United States Dollar $

Check out Google Currency Converter for current rates.

How to get to your destination from the airport?

Rent a Car

Car rentals await for you outside the airport so you won't have to look too far for one. My recommendation is to reserve the car in advance because most of the people getting off your flight will be renting a car as well. Also, check the times you land and the times that the car rental shops open up at. Car rental shops here aren't open 24/7. If all the car rental shops are closed or sold out, don't worry.. there are many car rentals close to the city of Charlotte Amalie. The only issue is that you'll need to figure out how to get to and from your destination without a car. If you travel to Saint Johns island you'll be able to take your car on the ferry as well but for a fee.


Taxis are always assessable for you outside the airport, if you need a ride. Taxis are an effective way to get around the island but will break your pockets. One way rides can cost you anywhere from $7-25 per person. At night the fare can cost you even more than the normal price you would pay.

How to get around Saint Thomas?

On Foot

Walking is only a realistic option if you don't intend to leave the resort. Many activities and sites are way too spread out to reach on your own. If you're staying downtown Charlotte Amalie, you'll be able to get around by foot to many restaurants, shops, and your hotel.

Rent a Car

Renting a car is the most ideal way to get around this small island. Public transport is very limited throughout the island so if you plan on exploring the best option is to rent a car. It gives you the flexibility to move around when you chose. When renting a car, make sure you have a GPS in the car to avoid difficulties getting around. For us, it was pretty easy to navigate around the island without a GSP. Most destinations you want to travel to are one straight point to another. ​If your a US citizen your phone should still work on the island since its a US territory. Our cell phone carriers are T-mobile and Metro PCS and our phones worked the same as if we were home! Just be aware that cars drive on the left side here!​


Taxis are an effective way to get around the island but will break your pockets. Taxis aren't metered, so negotiate your fare before accepting the ride. A taxi can cost $6 to $25 per person.


Buses are affordable but not necessarily reliable. Bus fares range from $0.75 to $1 USD. Vitran buses circulate on St. Thomas connecting their respective tourist attractions.


Taking a ferry boat is an affordable way to travel to get to the U.S. Virgin Islands or to day trip to the British Virgin Islands. Passenger ferries between St. Thomas and St. John cost $7 USD each way or $14 USD round trip per adult. Luggage costs $4 per piece to transport on the ferry. Schedules for all inter-island ferries change, so you should contact the companies directly for times.

When to travel to Saint Thomas?

Saint Thomas has an average temperature of mid-70s to 80s Fahrenheit all year around! The most ideal months to travel here are months April to June when there is little rainfall and the weather is milder. The USVI peak season is December to March, so expect to spend a few more bucks these months!

July to October is the region's hurricane season with average temps in the upper 80s.​

Where to eat in Saint Thomas?

Room with a view- A restaurant overlooking the city of Saint Thomas.

Sugarcane Grille- Authentic Caribbean Food. One of my favorite places to see Charlotte Amalie at night! This restaurant is located in Bunker Hill Hotel.

Pueblo Supermarket- is a supermarket if your plan to go food shop for your homestay. Since the hurricane prices on groceries have increased dramatically and taxed. A small snickers bar could cost you $2 plus tax! Pueblo's has more than one location on the island!

Pizza Pi- Have you ever had dinner on a boat? Well if not you can go to a restaurant in the middle of the Carribean sea and eat pizza on a boat!

The New Ashleys- Great caribbeaan food located right outside the airport you can catch before a flight!

Island View Guest House- Has some of the best steak and American food.

Sunset Grille- A romantic al fresco steakhouse offers amazing views of the sun sinking into the calm waters of Nazareth Bay. Be sure to request a table at the water’s edge when making reservations!!

Chicken and Bowling- A sports bar and bowling. A top nightlife bar in the city!

De'Coal Pot- De'Coal Pot can get a little pricey but you'll find some of the best Oxtails and Carribbean food here.

Things you should know when traveling to Saint Thomas?

  • The Virgin Islands is still recovering from the 2017 Hurricane. Many hotels and historical buildings still remain under construction. Expect to stay in an Airbnb when traveling here or book a hotel ASAP because they do sell out fast!

  • You'll find lots of wildlife running around the local streets like chickens, roosters, and large iguanas.

Is Saint Thomas kid-friendly? Things to do with kids?

Saint Thomas is super kid-friendly! Saint Thomas is a relaxed island with many water sports and calm waters with soft sand! There are tons of family cruise ships that stop along the coast of Saint Thomas! If 100's of families stop here on a daily basis then you should already expect Saint Thomas to target family travelers.

  • Coral World Ocean Park- Is a MUST go to attraction when visiting the USVI! Visitors can swim with sea lions, Sea Trek along the ocean floor, encounter turtles, sharks, and stingrays, feed the lorikeets, snuba and more. Coral World Ocean Park is also located on Coki beach, which is family-friendly and has the clearest waters and has the softest sand!

  • Virgin Islands Children’s Museum

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