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Scuba Diving in The Great Barrier Reef

I can finally check off my dream to scuba diving in The Great Barrier Reef off my bucket list! The diving experience was utterly phenomenal! We flew into Cairns Airport and stayed at Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort in CBD! I chose to dive with Tusa out of the many diving companies to choose from in Cairns.

Overall I feel accomplished to dive in The GBR, but I must say I was a little disappointed with a few of the dive sites I visited. When you hear the rave about The Great Barrier Reef, I expected to see larger amounts of diverse schools of fish swimming by and bright vibrate colors of coral. Don’t get me wrong. I was shocked to see the bright shades of purples and blue coral which you don’t see every day in other sites around the world, but I guess I thought I expect to see a rainbow of bright non-faded colors! I also expected to see a few reef sharks and large fish, but most fish that swam by were fairly small! These waters are home to the famous clownfish ("Nemo"), which I took joy in seeing them in their natural habitat and couldn't have been more stoked to go home to show my 4-year-old daughter that I visited Nemo's family!

In my option, it was still worth the opportunity to dive into The Great Barrier Reef, and I would do it again. In fact, I believe if I did a liveaboard or took a plunge for more than one day visit for the time I was in Cairns, my experience could have been better! You don’t get to choose what you see in these vast waters! If you want to visit dive spots that are barely touched, I was told by a few divemasters to travel more up North of Australia for less coral bleaching and to go to Magnetic Island! I believe everyone should try to experience their own plunge in The Great Barrier Reef and take my advice to take a plunge for more than one day! Since I was visiting with my family, I was constrained on how many dives I could do during my visit but enjoy the deep blue waters of The Great mysterious Barrier Reef.

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