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(Bouilante, Guadeloupe)

What is there to do in Guadeloupe?

• Horseback riding

• Snorkeling- Les Heures Saines

• Scuba diving- Les Heures Saines

• St. Anne Marketplace

• Zoo de Guadeloupe au Parc des Mamelles

• Hiking - Carbet falls, Saut Accomat (1 hour hike to water fall), Cascade aux Ercrevisses (10 minute hike to waterfall- off Route de la traversee), and La Grande Soufriere (Volcano)

Nightlife- Zoo Cafe, Purple Beach, Paradise Cafe, Marina du Gosier.

What language is spoken in Guadeloupe?

Guadeloupe is a French speaking country. Creole is also spoken on this Caribbean island. Most do speak english but limited.

Learn basic French.

Hello- Bonjour.

Goodbye- Au revoir.

Excuse me- Excusez-moi.

How are you?- Comment allez-vous.

Thank you- Merci.

How much- Combien.

Nice to meet you- Ravi de vous rencontrer.

Toilets- Toilettes.


Euro € .

Check out Google Currency Converter for current rates.​

Where to stay in Guadeloupe?

Le Gosier- Great for dining and nightlife.

St.Anne- Home of the St. Anne Marketplace and La Plage De Caravelle.

St. Francois- Home of Pointe Des Chateaux and La Plage de Clair Raisins.

Trois Rivieres - Home to a beautiful black sand beach Grande Anse beach,

Parc National (National Park) - Home to Chutes de Carbet the magnificent waterfalls

and La Grande Soufriere the active volcano of Guadeloupe.

Deshaies- is home to Jardin Botanique de Deshaies the must- see botanical garden. Its the perfect place to stay if you're looking forward to being one with nature.

(Le Gosier)

How to get to your destination from the airport?

• Taxi- The airport is a 10-15 minute ride away if you decide to stay in Pointe-à-Pitre. Taxis are available 24/7 at the airport to take you where you need to be. Taxis are set at €20 to the centre( 15 Minutes). Taxis to Pointe-à-Pitre €5 (5minutes)

• Guadeloupe Public Bus to center of Pointe- a- Pitre - €1

• Guadeloupe Pôle Caraïbes Airport Buses

How to get around Guadeloupe?

  • Car- Renting a car is the most ideal way to get around this small island. It gives you the flexibility to move around when you choose. When renting a car, make sure you have a GPS in the car to avoid difficulties getting around.

TIP: Before getting into your rental car make sure you know all destinations/addresses you plan to go to. Internet on your phone won’t work unless you're on wifi or purchase pocket wifi!

  • Bicycle -for 10 Euros a day.

  • Ferry- Ferries operate between Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Desired, and Terre-de-Haut. Ferries are operated by different companies; therefore, I can’t give you an exact cost.

  • Bus- Guadeloupe bus public bus system operates from about 5:30am to 6:30pm on weekdays. Pay on board for €1.

Where to eat?

Pointe a Pitre

•Coco Cafe - Amazing marina view while dining. You have the choice to dine outside under the patio or inside.

•Zoo Rock Cafe- The perfect place to eat for a night out. Half of the restaurant is used for dining and the other is a bar/club. Here all your meat is served on a long sword.

•Fast Grill - Inexpensive and you'll get the real Carribbean taste.


•Chi Loulouse- Affordable and well- located area.

•Malendure- Has a stunning view of the beach and a great location for scuba diving/ snorkeling.


Things you should know before going to Guadeloupe?

• Guadeloupe, has many hotels and is child- friendly with activities for kids. • The Zika Virus is present in Guadeloupe. If you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant or pregnant, you might want to avoid visiting here unless your doctor says otherwise or there is an assurance that the virus is no longer a concern. • Driving is a must here. Public Transportation only goes so far and only runs from early mornings to the evening. • Dinner is served at 7pm, and many restaurant do not serve food before then.

When to travel to Gaudeloupe?

Typically, Gaudeloupe has consistant temperatures in the 80s throughout the year, but there is a chance of hurricanes in the summer and fall. December to May is the prefect time to visit Guadeloupe, when its warm and dry. The rainy months on the island are July to November.

Try to avoid the months of February, July, and August during which French hoildays are celebrated. Prices are sky- high during these holiday periods.

Get in touch with wildlife and travel to the French Caribbean. Would you dare travel to this marvelous island of Guadeloupe?


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