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When you hear The American Dream most people think of working hard for a white picket fence in a grand house. Many people think that this is what you need to be happy. But is it? Is waking up every morning and looking out a kitchen window, over perfectly cut green grass happiness and satisfying? Well, not for me. Now i'm not knocking anyones dream or saying its wrong to want a nice house in that prefect suburban neighborhood, but it isn't MY dream. My "American Dream" is anything but that... I want to wake up to Mt.Fuji one morning and then trudge through the Amazon jungle the next. I want to sail across the Mediterranean and soak up the sun on the Spanish Beaches. I want to bird watch on the Galapagos Islands and the visit the great pyramids. Bottom line.. the most gratifying feeling for me is simply a beginning a new adventure in a new place.

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