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7 Piece Packing Cubes, Travel Luggage Organizers with Waterproof Shoe Bag.





Travel Packing Cubes

SKU: 671253175371
  • Product Info

    Suitable for every occasion. These packing cubes can help to reduce clothing wrinkles by preventing movement inside the suitcase. Imagine 1 piece of luggage for every item, or use one packing cube per group and compress them all in one bag. Ideal for family vacations, business trips, outdoor camping, and daily storage.


    The fabric containers offer versatility and time-saving convenience when it comes to unpacking your suitcase and finding what you need—no more rooting around trying to locate something buried at the bottom of your bag. A Webbing handle added for convenience to grab & go.

    Water-Resistant Nylon

    Made from highly durable water-resistant nylon. Watch liquids simply roll off the fabric.  

    Breathable Mesh Panel

    Mesh allowing your clothing to breathe and as well allowing visibility of the cube’s inner content. 

    Description & Size of Cubes
    Large Packing Cube: "Life's Short Take The Trip"

    Middle Packing Cube: "Catch flights...Not Feelings"

    Small Packing Cube: "Unpack Me"

    Digital Drawstring Bag: "Good Vibes Only"

    Water Proof Shoe Packing Cube: "Pack Me Away"


    Water Proof Liner Cosmetic Packing Cube: "Carry Me On"   9.45*5.9inch        
    Underwear Packing Cube: "Bag it Up"


    Reinforced Top Stitching

    Special web stitching to prevent wear and tear even from overpacking.  

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