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10 Tips for Traveling While Pregnant.

1. Exercise before departure.

Working out before your vacation will have you in shape and will assist you when walking around touring around a new city. Your body will be fit & strong! This is important if your flight is longer then 3-4 flights/car rides. Most pregnant women suffer from backaches and having a strong back may help with fewer backaches. Consult in with your doctor which exercises are best for you.

2. Prepare your child(red) if your not expecting baby #1.

If you don’t fly frequently with your child or do many activities while home try to get them in a routine at home. Practice walking more together, going to parks, swimming, and activities you'll do while traveling so your child is more like to participate. Preparing your child will be less stress on you & help you realize whats the best vacation spot and activities you might want to do or avoid on your vacation if your child isn’t interested at home.

3. Stay hydrated before departure.

Throughout your pregnancy it’s important to stay hydrated but the more you’re moving around and doing vigorous activities you should drink more water than what’s already expected. Getting into this routine beforehand will prepare your body for long travel and flights.

4. Get the okay from your doctor.

Bring a copy of prenatal records for your flight and see if your doctor is okay with the destination your traveling to and what activities your allow to do before booking your tickets!!

If your anything like me and your belly doesn't pop in the early stages of pregnancy like most women, you might need some believable documentation then just telling security your pregnant with no stomach!

5. Search near by hospitals where you chose to stay in advance.

Search nearby hospitals and the best wherever you are traveling! It’s always best to be prepared! You always need to expect the unexpected when pregnant. Even if your traveling within your first and second trimester, when most women decide to travel. If you're not feeling well and you're in need of a doctor, you don’t just want to have a local driver drive you to the closest hospital. Research the best hospitals for maturity in the area to receive the best treatment.

6. Consider purchasing travel health insurance.

Most travel agencies specializing in international travel can give you information about travel insurance programs.

7. Bring nausea pills for your trip.

Ask your doctor to have nausea pills for the flight or a boat you may take while traveling to avoid motion sickness. If you feel uncomfortable about taking pills there are natural sea bracelets available on Amazon that help motion sickness.

8. Pamper yourself

You don’t want to get worn out before your vacation or swollen feet so take it easy leading up to vacation. Make sure you’re preparing yourself but slow down and remember to take time for yourself. Use all your energy for the baby moon!

9. Don’t schedule a full itinerary.

You're pregnant! Expect the unexpected! Leave days throughout your vacation to have rest times! You’ll never know how you’ll feel till your actually on vacation. Booking non-refundable activities isn’t the best idea if you wake up not feeling well and you feel obligated to do the activity because you spent the money. If your set on activities on vacation then fine book it but most activities you may want to do should wait till you actually arrive after listening to your body if you're able to participate.​

10. Book a refundable vacation.

That travel insurance you normally avoid purchasing should be purchased while traveling pregnant. Just as said in tip number 9, pregnancy is unpredictable. You can book a trip in advance and your doctor okays it and an appointment before your trip your doctor at any time could advise you not to travel due to a recent discovery in your pregnancy. Even though you're certain you're ready to travel, your pregnancy may not be ready! Be smart and pay the extra dollars so you’ll be able to get a refund.

When I was pregnant with our daughter I made the mistake of not buying the travel insurance. My trip was set to take off two weeks before her due date! I ended up spending hundreds of dollars just to keep my flight to change it for a different date a whole year later!!! I'm actually glad I listened to my conscience because I ended up going into labor two weeks before our due date when the time actually came! Except the unexpected!!!

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at."

-Helen Keller


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