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Need the prefect starter to get you going through the day? Well it's not coffee and its much healthier! Ditch the coffee for a starter and get a smoothie!

I first was hooked on Liquiteria when I heard about ingredients in these smoothies! There's no milk added to the smoothies. If your lactose-intolerant like me, then milk is a big issue for your stomach. Having a smoothie made with milk is like watching a good movie with a horrible ending. Did I mention this place is vegan friendly? Everything throwin in a cup is fresh and natural. Ingredients that are filled in Liquiteria's smoothies are proteins,vitamins, fat burners, apple cider, and different kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are all the nutrients your body is calling for everyday! Eatting healthly is already hard enough, so let Liquiteria give you what you need without a thought.

Normally I try to do my workouts in the early morning. By the time I'm done with my workout, I'm straving. Post workout I'm feeling great about my body and feeling stronger already. Instead of eating something unhealthly, I'd rather fill up with nurients and vitamins. I have a big appetite, and I was very surprised at how these smoothies could fill me up! The skinny smoothie is my favorite! The skinny consists of bananas,strawberries,apple cider, fat burner, and vegan protein. Truely a refreshing drink that will cool you off.

Not only are these smoothes great for starter and workouts, but they are the perfect cure for hangovers. The drink is literately called the hangover cure!Its not to hard on your stomach and is very light weight. When your stomach is unable to take down anything, you'll be able to take Liquitria drinks. The nutrients are going to give you that liveliness and restore all the supplements your body is lacking.

If you're looking for something to eat, try one of there delicious snack bowls. Looking for something more specific that your body craves for ? Try a booster or juice cleanser. A Fat burneraccelerates the fat-burning process,increases enrgy and decreases sugar curvings. Immunity now strengthens the immune system. Fresh ginger relieves nausea and indigestion. Share with me what drink or snack motivates you through the day. Share how much easier it is for you to get the nurients you need when you workout or just simply trying to live healthier.

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