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Who was Jacques Cousteau ?

Jacques Cousteau was a French navy officer and underwater explorer. He enjoyed the fascinating underwater life as well as being an innovator, as he liked to call himself the “oceanographic technician.” In 1943 Cousteau co-invented the aqualung, also known as the diving regulator. Cousteau is the reason why divers can swim freely under the ocean’s surface without the restriction of a heavy helmet and an air tube thats attaches to the ship. The "La Reserve Cousteau" is part of the Guadeloupe National Park, an underwater protected natural marine environment. There, in 1998 the sculptor Albert FAGE created a bronze bust of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and in 2004, the bust was immersed on the site of the "Coral Garden". Diving in Guadeloupe.

Not having heard much about scuba diving in Guadeloupe, I didn’t have any expectations regarding diving there. I’ve had many dives in the Caribbean before, but the ocean is still different in every “neighborhood”. Now that I had the chance to take a plunge in the Guadeloupe’s water, its one of my newest favorite dive spots. I was honestly blown away diving here, and wished I had more time for more dives. I had never seen so much marine life in just one area. In the video you will catch me spotting a sea cucumber, spotted Morays(eel), Stoplight Parrotfish, Nassau Grouper, and many more creatures in the ocean. The boat ride from Les Heures Saines was only a 10 min boat right to the Jacques Reserve. The views were stunning from Pigeon Island off the main land. Not only can you dive on Pigeon Island but there are many snorkelers you’ll catch swimming above the oceans surface. If your vacationing with friends/family that don’t dive, Les Heures Saines offers whale watching and snorkeling. This way you’ll be able to share this enjoyable experience together.

Diving with Les Heures Saines was one of the best choices I made on this trip. I had a swift time booking my dives, and upon arrival, I was warmly welcome and geared up right away. I was paired up with my scuba instructor, Stan. She was absolutely amazing and very helpful. She assisted me in helping me get video shots for my diving video. Multitasking taking video footage and focusing on your buoyancy isn’t always easy. Most diving instructors just leave me to it, so I was very appreciative of the assistance. Stan made sure she pointed out every creature we came across. Even after the dive, the staff were super friendly and made sure my diving book was logged and stamped. If I come back to Guadeloupe, for sure I will dive with Les Heures Saines!

Rocher de Malendure, Pigeon 97125, Guadeloupe

+590 590 98-8663

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