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Black Tap

This wasn't my first time at Black Tap and won't be my last!Me and my friends heard the rave of these incredible milkshakes. We had to see what this really was about. I mean just look at the shakes! Why wouldn't you want to drink one!?

Black Tap has four locations. Our first experience going to Black Tap was in Soho. We waited in line for TWO hours in the freezing cold and decided we couldn't wait any longer. The line was literally down the block and around the corner. The Soho location only has about 8 bar seats and a few table seats. We had no idea what we got our selfs into and how small this location was. The wait time was two more hours to go! We had to try another day.

This time we went to the location in Meat Packing District. Going an hour before Black Tap opened, there was a queues at the door! I was baffle at how many people really would wait in the cold just to try these shakes out! Guess they had the same idea as we did.That no one would want to stand in the cold for an ice cold milk shake!

The wait was worth it! The milk shakes were out of this world. I would wait in the freezing cold again for these shakes. I went with the chocolate chip cookie shake. Dripping chocolate and crumbs around the rim of your cup, alongside with a giant cookie sandwich to eat. Not only are the shakes marvelous. The food is great. Astonishing all types of burgers.The all American burger was tender and juicy. A side of crispy sweet potato fries will top off how great the food is. The service was great and fast. I recommend Black Tap to everyone. You won't have an experience like this else where. Hopefully you won't have to wait as long as we did. Recently they opened new locations and prolonged their hours so its not much of a wait now.

Now for the best part.After being full and satisfied, leave your marking and let others know you where there! Theres not always a sharpie marker so packing one wouldn't be such a bad idea. If you do ever check out Black Tap make sure you look for Travel with Meko! Let me know which milk shake you like best!

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