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Wanna get some dope pics at home or on a trip, but don’t have a good camera?

This year we decided to step out social media game up starting with IG pics.. so we decided to get a good camera & that also meant that we would travel after getting the camera. After realizing we also had to save up for a laptop in order to make money online while we're traveling, I got impatient & started to think of what I could do until I had the money to buy a camera.

I started to search some photographer hashtags of Orlando (where I’m based) & I started to DM a lot of photographers whose photos I thought looked pretty dope. I wanted to see who would be down to collaborate & take my photos for free. Since I know photographers wanna build up their portfolio & exposure is always a plus on instagram, I messaged them just that.

I knew if I sent out enough DMs, someone is gonna eventually be down to collaborate.

In my message I said what’s up, and gave them a Genuine compliment, & why I hit them up, with what I can offer them in return.

I sent them a DM which went something like this: “Hey man, hope everything is well. You’re photos are fire! My name is Ant, I’m based in Orlando. I’m actually looking for a photographer who would like to do a collab & take my photos for free, & in return I would tag you on my posts & stories so you can get exposure. If you’d like a specific shot you’d like to add to your portfolio that you don’t have, I’m down for that. Let me know if you’re interested ”

Photographers & videographers are looking for people to take photos & create content with to build up their portfolio, gain experience, etc.

Being that you want photos and they want to build up their portfolio it becomes a win-win situation. Even if you don’t have a big following, you can offer to buy them food, coffee. For example I treated a photographer to some food at shake shack after our photoshoot since it was close by. Just ask them if they would like anything or maybe need any help with their website (if that’s something you’re good at) Find a need of theirs which you’d be able to fill in exchange for the free photoshoot, this is called a win- win situation.

Instead of having to buy a camera before a trip which might take away from your travel money, now you can use that for your trip on food or whatever. The way I see it is I spent $12 on a meal, yet got 2 photoshoots done on a $3,400 Camera.. that’s money I didn’t have to spend lol. #leverage is everything.

I took it to the next level & thought it be cool to have photographers already in any state or country you travel to & by having enough of them agree to collaborate, you can make sure that if one of them isn’t available when you are another will be so it can work. Currently I have photographers in several states which agreed to meet up & shoot.

I’m putting this info out there because I’ve come accross too many people starting YouTube and on other social media platforms who have great content to offer the world but may not have the necessary tools to put that content out there. As well as others who think they’re too small to reach out to others for collabs.

Let me know if you have reached out to other creatives in a similar way and if you haven’t yet then go do so now and let me know when you get the collabs set up!

Btw It’s a numbers game, the more DMs you send the faster you can find someone to collaborate with.

Instagram: ant_619

Youtube: ant619

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