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The Day I Discovered Passion For Travel.

My name is Grace and I started traveling a few years ago. Once I started, it became something I desired more and more. Seeing new places, cultures and ways of life, it developed into a love for travel. I learned the phrase,”You haven’t lived until you have traveled” and that is so true. I have been to many places; some I have posted because of picture quality etc. I believe that everyone should travel somewhere new at least once in their lifetime. It opens your eyes to learn so much and to appreciate your own life as well.

A little about myself:

I was born in Jamaica then migrated to Canada at a young age. That’s where I grew up and now live in Florida.

How has travel changed the way I see life as I live it now?

Traveling changes life as I see it now because it affords me the opportunity to see other cultures. The experiences that I witness let me know that even though I'm in a different place, there are people out there just like me. One unique quality that I often realize is that people love where they are from but are extremely interested seeing people from other parts of the world. A warm smile, a cheerful hello, or just quick wave of the hand lets me know that the locals have welcomed me into their backyard!

What is one thing i'v learned to appreciate now that I've traveled to abroad?

Traveling abroad opens your eyes to many different things. Learning to appreciate one lesson is hard when there are so many things i'v learned along my travel journeys. Even though I enjoy visiting other countries, it warms my heart to know that one day I will go home. As a Westerner, I appreciate the freedom that technology has provided me in a sense that I can explore where I am going before I get there through many different social media and digital platforms. But, if I had to put a button on the one thing I learned to appreciate it has to be respect for other cultures. There is no greater joy when I travel than there is to appreciate the culture!

Even though I moved from Jamaica then migrated to Canada at a young age, does Jamaica still have a big influence in my life?

Jamaica does still have a huge influence in my life! Our Motto is “Out of many people we are one,” You can't escape the culture or the food! It's in me forever and will never leave. Even though I am a Canadian citizen, Jamaica runs deep in my bones and it's a wonderful thing to see how my whole persona lights up when I talk about Jamaica! Up to this point, I have not spoken to a Jamaican who doesn't like to talk about their island. They smile and start speaking patwa (broken english or creole) and go on and on and on! Even though my little island struggles in many socioeconomic areas, the root of Jamaica is firmly planted into the heart and soul of every Jamaican on this planet!

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