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We Work To Travel - "The New Black TripAdvisor"

WeWorkToTravel, is a travel platform that was created after I quit my job to travel to over 30 countries and all 7 continents. I realized, as I was planning for each destination it took an absorbent amount of time to plan for each city. Even with massive travel sites already in play (you know the ones), it still takes an average of 10-20 hours to plan a trip. Well, why is that? I think it is for 3 main reasons.

1. Travel content is not broken out by travel style.

2. Travel content is fragmented across multiple sites or even within a single site

3. Once you find good travel content, you still need to vet the user(s)

WeWorkToTravel tries to help ease the burden of these travel paint points with our unique offering. We provide comprehensive city guides by travel style and couple that with a custom rating tool where instead of rating an activity you rate you overall experience of a city. Another words, we give you a ton of travel content with a consistent structure and then enhance it with tips and experiences from travelers.

What also makes us unique is that we are targeting black travelers with our web platform. So when we talk about history of a location we frame it from the black perspective, we talk about cities that may be prone to racism, we talk about Africa as home versus being just another destination, and we also tell you where the Hip-Hop and R&B clubs are in specific cities. Our ultimate goal is to make a “Black TripAdvisor” but one that is built around our distinctive web tools and our genuine travel community.

So go ahead check out some of our city guides like Cartagena, Bali, Havana (Members Only) and leave some travel tips on our site so we can all help each other Research Less and Travel More.

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Lawrence Phillips

CEO & Founder

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