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15 FAQ's Answered By Two Travel Bloggers.

Travel Interview with TravelWithMeko & TatiWanders.

One of my favorite things to do is to learn from other travelers about where and how they travel. I always have so many questions that I want to know, especially in the beginning of my traveling journey. Sometimes I found it hard to get all of my questions answered, and some people are less receptive to giving out their secrets. Instead we should be sharing as much information as possible to help others.

This is why Tati & I have teamed up on this interview to answer 15 of our most frequently asked travel questions! Not only will you get my answers, but you will get a double perspective for each question that you asked! This was a lot of fun to do, and there is so much valuable information to be shared!

Meet Tati, a fellow lifestyle and travel blogger. She moved from Pennsylvania to Florida where life is now a permanent vacation. Check out her blog for great travel tips, Florida beauty, the cutest pup, and everything in between []. Also be sure to check out her Youtube, where her and her hilarious boyfriend share their fun trips and advice.

As you will soon find out, our journeys are way different, or blogs are different, and our daily lives are different ... but we are in such a similar place. There's no right way or wrong way to go about things, but we will share OUR ways, and we encourage you to go about things your own way!

1. How did you find travel blogging & what made you get into it?

Meko: I used to share tips about New York, cosmetology, mom life, scuba diving, food, and travel. After over working myself on trying to blog about many subject, I realize my followers weren’t getting 100% effort to my post. I consently felt like I needed a new post every other day or once a week. Juggling more than 3 topics in my busy life/schedule was very overwhelming. I strictly down graded to travel blogging and scuba diving! It was the best decision I’ve made, where I only needed to attract one type of follower and I had more motivation for traveling.

One of the main reasons why I started blogging was because one of my blogger clients actually encouraged me to start a blog. She knew my passion for traveling and told me all the wonderful things that come along with blogging, such as receving free products and accommodations! What did I have to lose? Nothing at all?! I was already traveling, so if I could ask others for support I was with it!

Tati: I have always loved writing and blogging my experiences, but I never really had an outlet to show it. I also have an extreme passion for helping people.I know I want to inspire and teach, and I feel a blog is the best platform to do that. Following my favorite inspirational bloggers gave me the encouragement to take finally start a blog & Travis encourages me to keep going every day.

2. How long have you had your blog?

Meko: I’ve been blogging for a little over 2 years.

Tati: I have had my blog for about a year. I wish I would have started when I first thought about it.

3. What is your favorite city that you have visited?

Meko: It’s very hard to pick one city. Every country I travel to has its own unique experience. If I had to chose the best country It would probably be Costa Rica or Italy. I can’t just say one city in each country because, the whole country has a piece of my heart.

Tati: I am so in love with Germany. Salzburg & Munich really stole my heart, which is odd because I typically like more tropical places. I have to go back.

4. Would you rather plan a tropical vacation or more inland?

Meko: Definitely tropical. I’m a scuba diver. I need vitamin Sea!! Tropical waters is a retirement plan for the future.

Tati: I am definitely a water baby. That is mostly the reason I moved to Florida, then decided I wasn’t close enough to the beach so I moved again. Even as far as a vacation goes, I would much rather be at the beach.

5. Did you travel a lot as a kid?

Meko: I barely traveled as a kid. I’ve been to a few states with my family but never to far from home (the East Coast)

Tati: My family took a vacation every summer to a beach in either Maryland or New Jersey, which are both 1-3.5 hours from our house. We would also visit family in North Carolina. My best friend’s dad has taken me out of the country twice, which really fueled my love for travel. My mom was scared to fly until I moved to Florida but now she loves to travel (you’re welcome mom).

6. What is the most recent travel tip that you found?

Meko: Recently I found that even if I found a ticket from a 3rd party website that filters all the airline tickets such as Skyscanner, I then go directly to the airline website to book the website to double check if the deal is still the same or less or thier site. I recently discovered this by finding tickets to the Caribbean on Norwegian airline I found on Skyscanner. I ended up going directly to Norwegian airlines and saving 30$ per ticket! Not only did I save 30$ but I also gain more points through Norwegian Airlines because I’ve actually been booking their amazing deals which I also applied more points to the ticket to pay less!

Tati: The most recent tip I came across was to use to book your flights. Unfortunately I do not remember which person mentioned it, but I checked and there are some really good deals. I will definitely be adding this to my travel plan.

7. Have you ever meet someone memorable on a trip?

Meko: I’ve met so many amazing people while traveling. In fact I always still try and stay in contact with some of the people I’ve meet while traveling! A friendly face is always nice when you want to travel back. It’s the best local experience!

Tati: I have met so many amazing people while traveling. I have met the nicest and most helpful people while exploring Florida. I especially love the friends that I met on my trip to Oktoberfest (again, I love Germany) and we all still keep in contact. I met awesome people from Germany, UK, Canada, and Poland. I can’t wait to meet them again.

8. How do you afford to travel?

Meko: Honestly, so many ways. Budgeting your money is definitely key. I’m fortunate to have a job that allows me to work 7 days a week if I want to and sometimes I do. This allows me to make up money being missed while traveling or save extra money. I also ONLY afford to travel because I ONLY purchase a ticket if it’s a deal! Writing reviews for hotels also help with the accommodation cost when traveling.

Tati: I was a bartender for a long time, which is luckily a very flexible schedule. I can take off when I need to and easily pick up shifts. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive if you know how to travel for cheap and know what you are doing. Planning helps save a LOT of money. It takes a lot of patience to find the best deals but it is worth it. I am also part of a vacation club which has some unbeatable excursions.

9. What are your best travel tips?


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  • How To Travel On A Budget: LINK

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  • Traveling With A Small Dog: LINK

  • Why You Should Join A Vacation Club: LINK

10. Do you have tips for traveling with your partner?

Meko: Whether it’s a friend or significant other traveling with a partner can either make or break you! There going to be times when you’re lost, frustrated, tierd, and overwhelmed. If you have a mate who sees you for you in all the best and worst times… its safe to say you should keep them around forever.

Tati: Travis is super easy to travel with, but I have learned in the past that it is important to talk about your expectations for the trip before you go on it. If you are going to work but your partner wants to disconnect, the trip won’t be what either of you want. Communication is always key.

11. Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that inspired you to travel somewhere?

Meko: Oh everyday. I watch the Disney movie Moana and get inspired to travel to Hawaii. My everyday life inspires me.

Tati: Literally everything inspires me. EverytihnigI see makes me want to experience something new. Also, my friends and I all agreed that our trip to Oktoberfest in 2015 was exactly like the movie Beer Fest.

12. What are the next or top 3 places on your bucket list?


  1. Australia

  2. South Africa

  3. Colombia

Tati: It is so hard to narrow my bucket list down to my top 3.

  1. Maldives, Bora Bora, and Tahiti but they will all be in one trip.

  2. I can’t wait to take Travis to Italy.

  3. Amsterdam preferably on a river boat tour. Possibly U by Uniworld? I am obsessed with this new way to experience Europe.

13. What is a bucket list item that you have checked off?


  1. Learn how to scuba dive- which I ended up taking in a hobby

  2. Travel solo to another country

  3. Travel to clear waters

Tati: Bermuda! I have always wanted to go to Bermuda because I have always been fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle and the black beach. I took a cruise through it, and no we didn’t get lost.

14. What is a piece of advice you want to give someone that wants to travel but doesn’t have much money?

Meko: There’s not just one way to save money or one trick to traveling on a budget! Remember even if that means saving 20$ out each pay check and It takes a whole year for you to go on a vacation, that’s a vacation you have to look forward to from a year from now. Take the vacation in your time and when It fits your budget.

Tati: If you plan correctly, it doesn’t take much money to travel. Many people also miss the fun things to explore in their own state. Travel doesn’t always have to include plane tickets.

15. Where do you see yourself in 10 years (career and living)

Meko: Not sure exactly. I have many ideas but my mind isn’t set to one thing 10 years from now. I definitely will still be traveling but do I still see myself still living in New York? No probably not!

Tati: 10 years is looking pretty sweet. I see Travis and I raising a family in Florida, but constantly exploring. We will own multiple online businesses so we can make an income while being location independent. I also want to help others do the same.

There you have it. Our most frequently asked travel questions answered by not only one travel blogger but TWO! Be sure to follow our Instagram pages (Tati's)HERE & (Meko's)HERE to keep up with our latest travels and tips. You can find Tati's website at

Do you have more travel questions that you would like us to answer? Leave a comment below!! We will happily do more interview posts to give you all the inside scoop. Happy traveling!

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