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The Real Taste Of Malaysia. 10 Tasting Food Tour.

Have you really experienced a country you traveled to if you haven’t dove into the local culture & food dishes? To us, travel is all about trying new foods and discovering the culture!

We made it a mission to experience the real deal of Malaysias diverse foods while staying in Kuala Lumpur. If you don’t know much about Malaysian food and culture, Malaysian food is an influence mixture of Indian, Thai, and Chinese.

We visited SouthEast Asia numerous times and explored many food markets while traveling but never felt satisfied after leaving. It seemed like most times when trying new foods in the market we didn’t know what we were eating or we couldn’t fully communicate with the stall owner because of a language barrier.

With 10 tasting tours by “With Locals” our experience completely changed. For started we had a personalized private tour with our amazing host Hakim. Hakim broke down history and culture content of the food while touring around. Running around to different food stalls with a local gave us the chance to explore off the road places, we wouldn’t have found or even tried without a recommendation. 10 Tastings left us feeling like a pro for the rest of our stay in Malaysia because we knew which dishes and yummy treats to pick out ourselves.

To book your "10 Tasting" tour for the real local experience, click the link "withlocals" tour in Kuala Lumpur.

"Make a habit of trying new things."

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