Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What is there to do In Amsterdam?

The Red light district and Cannabis?

  • In the red light district you'll find peak shows of sexual acts.

  • Prostitution is legal. While your in the red light district you'll see girls in the windows offering their services. Sounds crazy right? It is but its actually a very friendly atmosphere and isn't as dangerous as it used to be.

  • If you see a blue light around the window they are reserved for transgender and transvestites.

  • Don’t attempt to take picture of the sex workers in the windows! You will upset the ladies and could run the risk of your camera winding up in a canal!

  • Not only is the red light district full of brothels but there are sex shops, ,peep shows, condom shops, & museums.

If your visiting Amsterdam for cannabis, the top shops to go to are...

Bull Dogs- Bull Dogs have many locations through out Amsterdam. Decent prices at Bull Dogs.

Rookies- Good weed but pricey$$$

  • Space cakes are sold in almost every store. Candy shops, cheese shops, coffee shops, & more.

  • Shrooms are illegal due to bad trips and high intensity effects. There are now truffles sold in Amsterdam that give the same effect but doesn't have the long lasting effect as a shroom would.

  • If your under the age of 18 you won't be allowed to enter the coffee shops.

  • There is no drinking and smoking in the coffee shops at the same time. If there is smoking and drinking in the same place, then you can either smoke in a smoking room and in another room you'll be able to drink. I guess they just don't want you to mix both!

  • Coffee shops with a green sign means smokers smoke free, which means you can smoke inside.

Where to stay in Amsterdam?

The Old Centre- Is close to all the main sightseeing, shopping, and nightlife areas. You'll find cheap hotels here but they are close to the red district.

Grachtengordel West- A quiet neighborhood with waterside hotels.

Grachtengordel South-Great if you want to be close to clubs, bars and restaurants. This location is close to Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein which is one of Amsterdam’s busiest streets.

The Jordaan-A charming neighborhood filled with its narrow alleys, leafy canals ways lined with 17th-century houses, quirky specialty shops, cafes and designer boutiques.

The Old Jewish Quarter and Plantage- Not many tourists stay in this area as it’s largely residential. You won't find many bars or restaurants but if your looking for a quiet stay, its perfect for you! From this neighborhood you'll still be able to get around by a tram ride to major sights.

Centrum: Centrum is the most popular area to stay in Amsterdam. It’s the oldest part of the city,! Many tourists and short-term visitors stay here because its it’s close to everything you’ll want to see.

The Museum Quarter- The Museum Quarter is close to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum if your looking to sight see these major attractions. There are no canals in this neighborhood, but walking distance to nightlife around Leidseplein. You'll also find decent price hotels here.

Oud West- This neighorbhood is residential but pretty diverse. If your planning to live like a local staying in Oud West should be the plan!

Oost- Is a residential area with young families and perfect for kids! If you want to go sight seeing to the centre is only a tram away from this neighborhood.

What language is spoken in Amsterdam?

Dutch and English.



How to get to your destination from the airport?

From Amsterdam Airport Schipol(AMS) a taxi to Center City Centre takes about 30 minutes. One way is about 40-60 Euros. You can choose to take the train that takes 17 minutes to get to Center City Centre. The train leaves every 10 minutes and one way cost 5 Euros.

How to get around Amsterdam?

  • The tram is the most efficient and cheapest way to get around the city. This was our main transportation we used getting around Amsterdam. Here are the daily tram pass cost.

1-day pass for 7.50 Euro

2-day pass for 12.00 Euro

3-day pass for 16.50 Euro

4-day pass for 21.50 Euro

5-day pass for 26.00 Euro

6-day pass for 29.50 Euro

7-day pass for 32.00 Euro

  • Bike- Renting a bike is a great way of transportation around Amsterdam. Its also another way to tour the city and see the beautiful canals. Most places you want to see is in walking distance but with a bike you get to your destination quicker. Bikes are pretty cheap if you rent them for a few hours or a day. Bike rents start at low at 15 Euros.

  • Bus

  • Train

  • Taxi

When to travel to Amsterdam?

You can visit Amsterdam all year round. In the winters it can get really cold, so your going to need to wrap up! We traveled to Amsterdam in late February and the weather was pretty bearable. We explored most of the city on foot but to keep us warm, we wore heat tech technology clothing from Uniqlo to keep us warm!

For warm weather and sunshine, the best time to visit Amsterdam is May to September.

Where to eat in Amsterdam?

Here in Amsterdam the options are endless! Amsterdam offers a wide diversity of international foods.

  • Moeders Restaurant- Serves Dutch classics and taste like mamas cooking!

  • STROOP- Great for pancakes and snoop syrup!

  • Haesje Claes- Serves old fashioned Dutch food, offering pea soup, fish stew, and chicken livers.

  • Hap-Hmm- Cheap yummy meals that start from 7 euros.

  • Winkel 43- Known for their delicious apple pie! Winkel 43 is sure worth the visit! We visited Winkel 43 three times our whole stay in Amsterdam because the apple pie was so good! If your visiting the Anne Frank house, its only a short walk away to Winkel 43 from the Frank house.

  • Febos- Is affordable munchie food in the wall! Febo's is located all around Amsterdam, so you don't have to travel far to just one location.

  • Suffren Holding B.V- If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you stop by here! Their chocolate cover waffles,churros, and gelato are to die for!

  • Burger Bar

  • Pasta Factory- Great tasting pasta that taste like its made in Italy!

Things you should know when traveling to Amsterdam?

  • Always be alert of your surrounding, there are pickpockets in this city! Besides this crime Amsterdam is really safe.

  • Amsterdam is a very walkable city, and narrow streets with lots of traffic. Bus tours are less efficient here for this reason. If your not much of a walker and want to see the city, take a canal taxis. They take you all over the city with much better views.

  • If you’re looking to get an actual cup of coffee, you aren’t likely to find what you’re looking for with signs that say “coffeeshop.” Coffeeshops in the Netherlands are pot shops. If you want a cup of coffee, head to a café instead.

Is Amsterdam kid friendly? Things to do with kids?

Amsterdam is super kid friendly ! Most places accommodate kids and enjoy seeing kids! The only place where kids aren't aloud in are coffee shops and trust me you would;dn't want your kids around second hand smoke. So this rule is best! This rule also goes for anyone under the age of 18, you won't be allowed to enter.

Most neighborhoods are quiet and perfect for families.

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