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Bavaro Adventure Park in Punta Cana

A full day at Bavaro Adventure Park is an adrenaline junkie's dream. We spent the day driving a buggy, horseback riding, zip lining, learning about the Dominican culture, & taking a dip in the pool!

In our first activity, we got down and dirty in a dune buggy driven along the ocean coast! This experience was unique because you can only reach the scenic view from the buggy tour. There’s more history to this view that you can learn on the tour & the significance of the coast that’s only located 45 minutes away from Puerto Rico! This area is also is where the Atlantic ocean makes the Caribbean ocean!

My recommendation for the buggy tour is to upgrade to the Polaris if you want to go fast & rent the goggles from the park! Trust me you don’t want to learn the hard when you are on the road!

After the stop by the ocean, you’ll stop by a real Dominican house to learn a quick history lesson about Dominican Culture, drink fresh coffee & hot cocoa, cigar tasting & learn more about local Dominican products you’ll be able to take home with you! After this stop, I left with a bunch of different flavor cigars that you can’t get ANYWHERE ELSE to bring back home!

For the lunch break, we were served A Dominican-style meal of tender chicken with plantains, rice, and beans. The food was excellent !!!

Next, we zip-lined with sky-line views! Now if you know anything about me I am extremely afraid of heights so really I don’t know how my six-year-old daughter encouraged me to face my fears zip lining! Even though I was fearful of the heights I faced my fears and felt conquered!

Before each activity the staff also gives all the information you’ll need to have a safe experience! This gave me the confidence that I was able to have fun safety giving me the understanding of the Dos & Don'ts of each activity.

One of my favorite experiences was riding the horses. I’ve had experiences riding horses before but always had a guide holding a rope alongside me. At Bavaro Adventures, you'll get to guide yourself with the horse and ride fast! And when I mean fast I mean you’ll feel like your a cowgirl hurling a herd of sheep together!

The horses are also well taken care of and fed! The horses are never ridden 2 days consecutive days. So as an animal lover, I had the comfort I needed bonding with these beautiful creatures!

After all the excitement you can take a refreshing dip in the Jungle lazy river or enjoy the waterfall pool. By the pool, there’s a canteen center and the area is so Instagramable. This was another favorite area where we were able to end our day relaxing.

The park offers even more activities than the ones we did for the full day & you'll be able to pick the combo tour you want to experience. Kids are welcome but most kids will have to be over 48 inches to participate in most activities at the park! Overall we had a fun filled day living outside our comfort zone!

“Living on the edge isn’t as safe but, the view is better.”

Book your next adrenaline rush adventure directly on Bavaro Adventures website.


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