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Blind Buck Valley Farmstead. Salem, New York.

This year is all about escaping from civilization and social distancing from the rest of the world. Ever since COVID hit we've been ditching the flights and doing more road trips.

We came across Blind Buck Valley Farm on Instagram and wanted to experience the countryside to escape the busy city back home.

Here's a quick rundown about the visit. Blind Buck Valley was built in the 18th century that’s located in Salem New York. It’s about a 3-hour drive away from the City of NY.

The farm itself is 180 acres that you can enjoy for yourself. Enjoy the view of large open fields, horses, goats, bunnies, farm cats, feed the chickens, & collecting fresh eggs and vegetables. The kids would love to run through the field everyday free and take a few jumps on the trampoline.

We traveled to the farm in the fall so the mornings would be a little nippy but we were still able to use both pools. The large pool is heated so if the sun was still out it’s wasn’t too cold while taking a dip. Most of our time was spent in the hot tub dust till dawn literally haha!

I couldn't believe how much the house accommodations all ages. There are toys for infants, toddlers, teenagers, & adults throughout the house. Anything you think you'll need to bring is already here to baby gates, water floats/life jackets, winter skis, and more.

The kids of course fell in love with the library room and the kid's room with the bunk beds filled with a play kitchen. The pool table was my favorite adult game I played for hours after the kids went to bed. Coming to the farmhouse brought us, adults, back to our childhood with the board games that we used to play with from our childhood like a "mousetrap", Chutes & Ladders" and more. We even had dance parties with the old record player! It was such a historic place to stay in. We enjoyed our time so much at the farm we would love to come back with more family or friends! Blind Buck Vallery Farm was worth the long drive and escape from the hustle and bustle of NYC!

Here is the outter barns and the dinning/dayroom room.

You have a full-size kitchen equipped with all the utensils/dishes you need you to prepare meals. In the living room area you'll find an old record that plays, board games, a pool table, ping pong table, foos ball table, and an indoor fire pit you can use.

By request, you can have "On the Limb" carter food to the house. You'll find a ton of take out menus and more food eating/farmers market options on the kitchen board at Blind Buck Farm when you arrive. You also have the luxury to book yoga sessions here at the comort of never having to leave the property.

Farm animals on the farm are horses, farm cats, donkeys, chickens, roasters, bunnies,and goats.

Bedroom #1 is located downstairs with a queen bed and a sofa. There is also a full size bathroom on the first floor.

Bedroom #2 is located upstairs with 4 beds for the kids, a mini library, and a play kitchen.

Here is the master bedroom (#3 bedroom) on the left with a king size bed and the #4 bedroom with a queen size bedroom.

Here is bedroom #5 along another room to enter the kid's library ! This bedroom offers a queen size bed and a sofa, and a table with chairs inside the library.

Heres a few more fun facts about your stay..

•You can visit all year round.

•Blind Buck Farm has everything you’ll ever need in a home. Skis, water floaties, board games, old records to dance to, a pool table, Ping pong table, foosball table, a library, a fire pit, toys for all ages, & more!

•There is a heated outdoor pool and a hot tub, both located outside.

•The house accommodates up to 14 guests. If you get a group of people to go to spilt the cost, you’ll pay little to nothing!

•Vermont state is also only about it a 20 min drive away which is another city to explore on its own!

•It’s the perfect venue for weddings, weekend getaways, reunions, farm, and other events.

•Close by you can explore Saratoga Spring and Lake George, NY.

•Enjoy your private tour of the farm where you’ll be able to pet and feed the animals.

Here's a few more pictures of the rest of our stay :)

To book your farm stay away from the city, book through the Airbnb link.

Never tried AirBnB before? You can get up to $65 off your stay through my link.

To check out Blond Buck Valley Farm's own website click the link.

"Once a year go someplace you've never been before."


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