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Ek Chuah Chocolate Making Class In Antigua, Guatemala.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make chocolate from scratch?! In the express chocolate workshop at Ek Chuah, you’ll learn the ancient Mayans' history, what chocolate was used for, & why they were obsessed with chocolate making.

It’s a hands-on experience where you’ll get to taste test from the sweetest to the bitter chocolate. This is an experience that's enjoyable for the kids & adults. I was super fascinated by the history of how the Mayans started to make chocolate & what they used/traded chocolate for.

We learned how to make so many concoctions made from chocolate: chocolate milk, coffee, infused alcohol, tea, & more. This is a chocolate lover's dream to learn the recipe for your favorite drinks & treats.

After you learn the chocolate transformation you’ll get to choose your molds and decorate them! The kids enjoyed getting their hands messy for this step!

Once the chocolate was put in the freezer and cured we all left with a goodie bag of our personalized chocolate we made from a nutshell. I can’t tell you how tasteful our chocolate was. We relaxed back at home with our goodie bags and enjoyed the chocolate melting in our mouths. It's an experience you can’t miss when visiting Antigua, Guatemala.

If you can’t get enough of the chocolate you make, you’ll find a shop full of edible products made from chocolate! So, if your friends from back home can’t join you, you’ll be able to bring back the real taste of Guatemala to them!

To book your chocolate making experience click the link.

“Make a habit of trying new things.”


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