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Baby Carriage before marriage!? It wasn't planned that way, but it planned out perfectly.Our one-year-old daughter Amiyah gives us excitement in everyday life. Many times, more than none, you hear that once you have kids, YOUR LIFE IS OVER... but for us, life wasn't over, but just the beginning. Amiyah brings life to all the things we love doing before like traveling. Now we enjoy it even more and cherish the precious memories we make with her seeing this great world. Of course, there are times that are challenging with her...crying baby in the airport, lugging the stroller up and down foreign subways, or trying to get her to sleep when we're a day ahead of our time, but it's COMPLETELY worth it, we are a family. There's not just two of us anymore, but three. Just like Lilo and Stitch said, Ohana. Ohana means no one gets left behind!


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