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How to Pack While Traveling With An Infant

Whats in my baby bag?

Pack two of everything! It's important! Airports DO NOT! I repeat do not cater to infants which sucks because families fly on a daily basis. You don't want to lose a pacifier while traveling because you'll have to wait to get to your destination to replace it. I can't tell you how many times we've lost or forgotten items while changing planes or waiting around. Just in general, having mom brain can have you misplace something you may need.

  • 2 Pacifiers

  • 2 Baby bottles

  • Toys/Teething toys - It doesn't take much for an infant to be entertained but our son loves colorful toys and attention. To keep him happy we bring along the toys to distract him.

  • Nail clippers- Infants nails grow overnight. Bring along a nail clipper to avoid self-scratching while traveling.

  • A few diapers in your baby bag that will last for the entire flight.

  • 1 pack of wipes

  • 2 garbage bags. One for a dirty diaper and another for soiled clothes.

  • Vitamins for the baby

  • 2 Medicine droppers

  • Tylenol- Even if your child isn't sick, it's a good item to bring along just to be prepared.

  • Hairbrush

  • Thermometer

  • Creams, diaper rash, or ointments your child may need while traveling.

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Baby food- It's not packed in my bag now but when your child can eat solid foods, pack baby food!

  • Risk link- If i'm traveling alone with two kids I like to bring along my wrist link. Having the wrist link is a helpful item to bring along so my toddler doesn't run off while i'm focused pushing the stroller. Before, buying our wrist link I was skeptical on even buying it. I thought to myself how our daughter wouldn't like it nor use it. After, purchasing the link wrist our daughter loved it and actually reminds me to use it so she stays close to me, its almost like she thinks its a game and its fun to her! It's under $10 as well on Amazon! Check it out!

  • Pack tampons, pads, or other items you may need to take care of yourself. When your traveling with an infant your baby bag will become the most valuable bag you need on hand.

  • Neck pillow (optional)- I don't always pack a neck pillow, but our son sleeps more comfortable when he's propped up while laying in his bassinet for long hauls.

  • Shacke Pak packing cube with attire he'll need during our travels. For the full review on Shacke Pak cubes click the link.

Additional Items to bring with an infant.

Bring along a travel bassinet.

Bringing along a travel bassinet will give you less stress of having to carry your baby on an entire flight. When you're traveling with an infant you are entitled to ask for a bassinet seat and upper grade to the extra leg room space for FREE. This is the seat you're going to want to ask for in advance for flights longer than 3 hours. It will assure that you have the seat and make the ride more comfortable. Not only is it going to help you out during the flight but when u get to your destination, you'll have a bed for your infant to sleep in. If you want a full review of the travel bassinet we use click the link. To purchase the bassinet click the link.

Reusable Tote bag.

We bring along a reusable tote bag to pack any extra diapers, formula cans, and a pack of wipes. We leave this bag attached to our stroller and never had an issue taking it on our flight. It is an extra bag to bring on the plane but saves us lots of room in our baby bag so we don't have to check in a bag full of just diapers. By the time our trip is over we normally fold up the reusable bag and put it in the baby bag because our diapers have now been mostly used. At least for the flight home, we don't have to worry about bringing an extra bag back. Plus I like to bring my reusable bag along for beach trips when it's not being used as an extra diaper bag!!!

Lunch box.

Since our infant is strictly breastfed, we only fill up our lunch bag with breast milk. What we fill in our lunch box will change as he ages. Instead of packing a gel ice pack I like to pack a frozen water bottle. I feel like a frozen water bottle stays colder longer than a gel ice pack. Plus you'll have water on the plane when it defrosts! Just make sure you replace the frozen water bottle when flying back! You can bring breast milk froze or unthawed.

Need information for traveling with breastmilk? Click the link for more.

Need information for items allowed through TSA when traveling with an infant? Click the link for more.

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