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How to save money while traveling.

Traveling on a budget isn't ONLY about finding a cheap ticket to the destination but learning how to save & stretch your money while traveling. Extra cash in your pocket means more destinations or activities to experience while traveling. Here are some ways to stretch your money while traveling...

1.Purchase everything before you arrive.

Purchase your flight, hotel, and activities before arriving at your destination. When everything is purchased beforehand, all you have to worry about is food/drinks and anything extra you want to do on vacation.​ 2.Live like a local .

"Living like a local" literally means live like a local while you're on vacation. Live in the same neighborhoods, take public transportation, and eating at local restaurants. Living like a local will definitely save you big bucks on expensive hotels and 40$ cabs rides to/from the airport! Public transporting can cost you a few cents to dollars(one way) getting around town! When we travel to expensive cities such as London, we try to gravitate towards staying in an Airbnb because hotels can cost up to $100-200 per night. If you can't get down with the local food, try eating McDonald’s! Sounds crazy but even all the McDonalds food selection are different in every country but the same inexpensive prices.​ 3. Find free activities.

Not every activity on vacation you want to experience has to break your pockets.

  • Site seeing around town is always FREE and won’t have to spend a dime! Why wouldn't you want to explore the city you travel to anyway!

  • Go to the beach or public parks.

  • Pick a hotel with amenities you're looking for that are included in your stay. [Since we're a water family, we search for hotels with a pool so we don't have to leave the hotel with our daughter]

  • Research or call in and ask if the activity has a day where there is no entrance fee for the day. Many times zoos, national parks, botanical gardens, and more have days where there is no entrance fee.

  • Google free activities to the destination your traveling to. Depending on when you are traveling to your destination for an event or a popular time, there are usually activities you'll be able to participate in for free.

4.Bring a carry-on bag and stop paying for a check-in bag!

Bringing a carry-on will save you money! Buying cheap airfare means you won't be accommodated with a free check-in bag. Check-in bags can be costly if your flying one ways and on local non-major airlines. The last time I paid for a check-in bag on a local airline, I had to pay $200USD just for one bag!!! Ever since then I ONLY travel with my Osprey carry-on bag. Another perk is that you don't have to wait for your luggage when you get off the plane and you don't have to worry about your luggage getting lost or stolen.

5.Purchase an all-inclusive vacation and/or hotel.

Purchasing all-inclusive vacations mean everything is paid for in advance such as airfare, hotel accommodation, unlimited food, drinks, and most activities that are included upon arrival. Personally, I never vacationed on an all-inclusive resort because I'm more into the local experience and feel like some all-inclusive resorts are way overpriced. If your a person that likes to stay at 5-star hotels and not interested in leaving the resort, then all-inclusive vacations can be in your favor.

6. Travel to a destination where your countries money is worth more than theirs.

Traveling as an American to places like Cuba & Thailand make me feel rich! Why? Because my money in these countries are worth more than their local money! Although a plane ticket may be costly, once you arrive your expensive plane ticket pays off for itself. In Cuba, we were buying food and drinks as low as $2-3USD. In Thailand, we stayed in villas for the same price as a hotel and as low as $70USD per night. Normally, villas can range from $300-1000+USD per night!

"All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination."

Earl Nightingale


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