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Infant Travel Tips

Ask for the bassinet seat.

For long haul flights ask for the extra legroom seat or “the bassinet seat." This seat will give you and your baby a chance to stretch out! Anyone traveling with kids under the age of 2 can request the extra legroom space FREE of charge(limited availability).

A bassinet normally supports up to 24lbs(airlines may differ and not every airplane model may not offer a bassinet seat.) Call your airline in advance to make sure it's onboard. The airlines that don't normally offer bassinet seats short flights with fewer passengers in the plane.

Figure out the best time to fly with your infant.

Only you know the best time to fly with your infant. Some people may enjoy taking a day flight because this is when you'll have your most energy to tend to your infant if their up or sleeping. We prefer to fly at night because flying at night won’t disturb normal sleeping habits. Night flights also seem to make the kids fall asleep easier & fewer passengers moving around to wake the baby.

Ask for an extra seat.

Try to arrive at the gate early to claim your baby advantages!!! 99% of the time of the plane isn’t full, the agents will put you next to an empty seat if you ask!

Bring two of everything!

I cannot stress this tip enough! Bring TWO of everything for your infant! Airports do not cater to kids, let alone infants!!! If your child's favorite bottle type or pacifier is lost that the end! As a parent, you should know how easy it is to lose items while traveling with kids.

Bring snacks.

Packing snacks are the key to traveling with kids. Pack snacks like cheerios, animal crackers, Gerber squeeze pouches, and pudding. Try to avoid bringing snacks that require a spoon to avoid messy eating with the baby.

TIP: Stick to the food you know your child eats and loves! Flights are not the time to try out new foods. Once the plane takes off you’ll be stuck with what you have or meals the plane has to offer. Not all flights serve meals, especially if its an hour flight. An hour flight with no food could seem like a 10-hour flight with a hungry baby! Don't risk it!

TIP: Stash a garbage bag on the side of your chair where your folding tray is, and there is a hook to hang up your jacket. Instead of hanging up a jacket make it your trash bag for easy access to throw anyway messes.

TIP: Pack water! One bottle for yourself and one for the baby! Remember normal rules don’t apply when you have an infant so take as much water you're going to need on your flight. It's going to save you since airport water is costly!

Bring a chest strap

Having a harness is a gift from heaven! It allows you to be hands-free. This comes in handy when going through security while breaking down your carriage and putting luggage on the security belt while trying to keep an infant from wandering off is a lot to deal with. Keeping your child strapped to your chest will be less stressful.

With a harness, you’ll have a better time falling asleep on the plane if your baby is a lap child. Dozing off on a flight and having the possibility of your infant falling out your arms can be scary, so to avoid that fear use the chest strap!

Practice eating different foods before traveling.

Try to get your infant used to eating fresh fruits and different kinds of food before traveling to a new country. Don't get you're infant used to ONLY canned food at home if your infant is eating solids. Not every country you travel to offers canned baby foods and flavors.

Comfort for pain while traveling.

Give your child a pacifier for comfort. Its ideal to let them have a pacifier for taking off and landing. The sucking motion will help avoid ear discomfort. If your child doesn’t use a pacifier give them a bottle of milk, water, or juice.

If your child is really uncomfortable, give them children Tylenol.

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