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Las Vegas, Nevada

(Welcome to Las Vegas on 5200 S Las Vegas Blvd)

What is there to do In Las Vegas?

  • Visit the Red Rock Canyon

  • Gamble!! Casinos are everywhere! You can't come to Vegas and not gamble.

  • Shop till you drop !!!! Most major hotel like Planet Hollywood, Caesar Palace, and the Bellagio all and have extravagant malls located inside! Theres literally 100s of stores to shop through and all with in distance of each other.

  • Helicopter tours to the grand Canyon or/and Las Vegas strip.

  • ATV(Four wheelers) and Dirt biking

  • Go to the Welcome to Vegas sign and snap a picture!

  • Zip-line over Las Vegas Strip (Heard from the locals the view is better at night!)

  • See a show or performance such as Magic Mike, Mariah Carey,Cirque Du Soleil, a comedy show, magic show, and more variety of grand shows.

Party Life in Las Vegas?

  • Day time pool parties is what Vegas is famous for. Great way for a cool down and a good time!

TIP:Just make sure you keep your self hydrated through out the day with lots of water, if you plan on drinking alcohol through the day. This is a number one cause of dehydration while visiting Vegas and the brutal sun!

  • Night life clubs- Here my Top 5 !Drai's Beachclub and Nightclub(First choice favorite for the hiphop scene), XS(Awesome pool Party on sunday nights), Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub(EDM scene), 1Oak and the Cosmopolitan(upscale classy scene).

  • Downtown Las Vegas is where you'll be able to find many local bars for a better bargain for going out. Most places downtown don't have a cover fee at the door and the average drink won't cost you $20.

Scroll down to things you should know about before going to clubs in Las Vegas for more information on how to skip cover fees and club dress codes!

(Slot Machines at the Palms Casino Resort)

Where to stay in Las Vegas?

The strip is most convenient. Expensive to stay on the strip but it won't cost you any extra money to take taxis back and forth from the strip, since everything you may want to do is located there. Click here for more insight on where I stayed at the Palms Places.

How to get around Las Vegas?

The airport is located 10 minutes away from the strip. Shuttles and taxis are available when exiting the airport outside at passages pick up.

Taxis run by a meter basis. Ubers and Lyfts are the cheapest and most efficient way to your airport. our Lyft to our hotel only cost us $10!

When to travel to Las Vegas?

Vegas is one place you'll be able to visit all year around. Ideally the perfect weather and cheapest is spring or fall. Weather ranges from 70 to 80 degrees. In the summer the weather can reach 100+ degrees. Just be aware of conventions that take place during the year when booking a trip because room rates are sky high these times.

When I visited Vegas, we went in early June and the weather was perfect. A few nights I wore jeans and felt comfortable the whole day with out sweating like a dog. The West coast is not humid like the East coast where we're from so 100 degree weather felt more like 70-90 degree when the sun wasn't directly on us.


Where to eat in Las Vegas?

Finding food in Las Vegas won't be an issue. Food is everywhere, great food at that! Las Vegas is famous for having buffets! After all a buffet is much needed after an all night partying, you need an all you can eat! Here are just a few amazing places I ate at.

(Fat Tuesday located inside Caesars Palace mall)

Things you should know when traveling to Las Vegas?

  • Your allow to walk and drink alcohol in a cup as long as its not a glass bottle and a close lid. Almost every mall or on the strip you'll be able to find a Fat Tuesday that sells froze drinks with refillable cups.

  • 3 days is all the time you need to spend in Vegas. Unless your planning to do more activities off the strip, then you might want to stay longer.

  • Las Vegas is very pricey so be prepared to spend cash! Non shelf drinks start at $16 for a 16oz cup.

  • Be prepared to party all night and day if your coming here for fun! Day time parties start opening from 11am-6pm. After the day time party you go home, change, and go back out at 10:30pm for the club till the morning time!

  • Promoters are everywhere on the strip trying to get you in their club talking to you on the streets! Normally these are the people you want to avoid but actually their the ones you should look forward to talking to! They are the ones get you on a clubs guest list with no cover fee and can tell you the hottest club for the night. They will ask for your contact info to set you up. If your not the type for meeting promoters off the streets, look up hashtags such as #vegas #vegasguestlist on instagram and your find promoters online or the clubs online website that will put you on the guest list.

  • If your a girl in vegas you’ll most likely spend less money or be free getting in to clubs but guys normally have to pay unless your on a guest list! If your traveling with a group of girls that out weigh the guys, then guys will most likely be free to get in.

  • When going in the club be prepared to stand around . There are no seats in the club unless you reserve a table . When a special guest is in the building the club gets pretty crowded, so ladies put on your most comfortables heels if your not going to reserve a table. If not you be will standing all night till 2 am when most special guest arrive.

  • Dress code!!!!! Clubs in Vegas have a strict attire and aren't afraid to turn you away. Most clubs dress codes are business casual which means for males, NOOO no hats,T-shirts, Jordons, athletic attire, denim jeans, baggy pants, etc. A collared button-down shirt and nice slacks is ideal.

(Night Views from Drai's Beachclub and Nightclub)

Is Vegas kid friendly? Things to do with kids?

Las Vegas is a city known for the wild party scene but just like any other city there are kid activities for kids to enjoy as well. Me and my husband didn’t bring our 1 year old toddler to Vegas since we were enjoying our birthdays for just two of us. The only thing about Vegas is there are times were you might catch inappropriate behavior on the strip that your kids might question if there old enough to think about it.

Not only are there intoxicated people on the strip at night but through out the whole day people drink, since your allowed to drink in public. Coming from New York City this was no culture shock for us but the police as well never let trouble get out of hand if there is any.

Just remember the 1# rule in Las Vegas.... What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas !!!

Have fun. Make nights to remember. Drink responsibly and spend your money wisely!


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