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Medellin, Colombia.

What is there to do In Medellin?

  • Memory House Museum-Museum reflecting on armed conflicts.

  • North Park-Amusement park with rides & attractions.

  • Ride Metro cable car over Comuna 13- Believe it or not many tourists go to Comuna 13 just for the view of Comuna 13 on the metro cable car. Costing only 2,000 COP (0.55centUSD). Its completely safe to ride the metro cable but we were advised from a guided tour that we should just stay on the metro cable car when touring some of Comunas. There are still some areas in Comuna that aren't recommended to go to but your completely safe if you just stay on the metro cable and it will take you in a full circle to the destination you came from. The most toured on the Medellin line is Estación Metrocable Arví and tourist-friendly.

  • Plaza Minorista José María Villa- Large, traditional market for local fare.

  • Comuna 13 Graffitour- If your ready to dive into the local life this tour is for you. I took this tour solo and had a blast and had the best experience! The best part about it is that it's FREE! Of course, Tip your guild! Your tour guide won't leave you with any questions and knows most of the locals which is even better so if you plan to buy art your tour guide can help you with pricing without being ripped off. If you choose to go to Comuna 13 on your own it's completely safe and the streets are filled with young talent and art to purchase.

  • Colombia Fly - Helicopter Tour.

  • San Felix Paragliding Club.

  • Guatape- Visit the colorful town of Guatape! It's about an hour and 45min away but worth the trip. If you're into water sports you'll find many here! You can also hike up the hundreds of steps of Marial stone that is a giant rock with sweeping views. There are also a few narcos tours to visit Pablo old mansion he had in Gautape.

  • Oviedo- One of the oldest malls in Colombia.

  • Santafé- (Mall)shopping centers.


Arví Park Medellin Colombia- Ecotourism park with trails & a gondola

Hill of Three Crosses- Beautiful hiking path with a view.

Sabaneta Park- More of a square to sit and people watch and relax.

Cerro Quitasol- Nature preserve.

Alto de San Miguel-Nature reserve, river, forest, protected area, and nature.

Narco tours

Before you tour Narcos tours be aware that most people to this day that live in Colombia that have been affected by the drug lords in Colombia such as Griselda Blanco, Cali cartel, and Pablo Escobar and many more. Most guides will tell you the real "Colombian stories" of these notorious drug lords rather than the Gloriftying Netflix series that most people watch online before they visit. Give the people of Colombia respect when traveling here and don't go asking around about the history of the drugs lords past. Most people are still mourning deaths and dislike the subject Americans glorify so much.

  • Casa Museo Pablo Escobar- Tour of Pablo Escobar's family home which is still run by his family. It's about a 2-hour drive from the city of Medellin.

  • Inflexión Memorial Park- Monaco Building the site of an assassination attempt on Escobar's family which is now a memorial site that was recently built in December 2019! This is the first time in Colombia's history to dedicate a spot in Colombia of the many victims that lost their lives to the drug war.

  • Cancha El Dorado- A soccer field Pablo Escobar built in an effort to ingratiate himself into Colombian politics.

  • Cementerio Jardins Montesacro- Is where many of the famous drug lords are buried such as the Escobar family and Griselda Blanco and many people that worked for Pablo.

  • La Catedral Jail- Visit the jail that Escobar built for himself. This jail is now a senior citizen home and owned by a priest that does not like the idea of the glorification of Pablo Escobar. Many areas are now cut off from the jail and you can only walk through the outside and the small museum in the jail.

  • The house where Pablo Escobar was killed- I recommend taking a guided tour for this one. You'll be able to hear the 3 stories of how Pablo died! And yes you heard me right there 3 known stories on how they thought Pablo died but only theirs only 1 the Colombians believe!

  • You'll also find a few Griselda Blanco tours.


Parque Lleras- Pedestrian hot spot for bars & nightlife.

Lleras Park- More of a square for nightlife to hang out.

DANCEFREE- go salsa dancing

Where I stayed?

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Where to stay in Medellin?

Central Poblado

Central Poblado is definitely the most popular place to stay in Medellin for both tourists and long-term foreign residents. You'll find many affordable stays here and a ton of hostels. Parque Lleras isn’t that nice, but this is where the nightlife takes place. Provenza, is where I stayed which is just up the hill. This area is more are popular and quiet at night! Everything you need is in this area food, accommodation, and transportation.

Central Laureles

Is a trendy neighborhood that's less localized with many restaurants a cafes. The only downside to staying here is that you'll be far from the metro, which makes getting around Medellin more difficult.

Downtown Medellin

If your looking to see some action and dive into the local culture downtown may be for you. You'll find affordable accommodation, markets, metro museums, and restaurants.

La 70(Florida Nueva / Bolivariana)

Is a Hectic neighborhood to stay where a soccer stadium is located. It's one of the liveliest neighborhoods. If you looking for great local vibes, cheap drinks, and food stay around this area! You'll also be close to the metro station!

Northeastern Laureles(Estadio / El Velodromo)

Is more of a residential area that's laid-back where there's not much going on here. The only thing exciting about this area is that its close to Estadio sports complex and Cero Volador park/hill, both of which are great for exercising.

La Florida

Is a quiet neighborhood filled with mostly hills and malls. Theres not much going around over here but shopping. Most people that stay here drive everywhere.

Northern Envigado (San Marcos / La Magnolia)

Is residential neighborhoods that have less street life. If you'll looking for a 5-star stay and fine dining/entertainment, stay here! There are many cafes and museums as well in the area.

How to get to your destination from the airport?

White airport Taxi

The fare for white taxis to go to Medellín is fixed. And there is no additional charge for late at night. You should only pay the fixed fare and this fare includes the toll on the road. Beware that some taxi drivers may try to charge a higher “gringo” fare to tourists. The ride to the city is about 30-45minutes. White taxis should charge...

  • To Medellín – 80,000 pesos ($21USD)

  • To Envigado – 85,000 pesos ($23USD)

  • To Sabaneta – 91,000 pesos ($25USD)


The cheapest method to get to/from José Maria Córdova airport is the official Aeropuerto-Combuses airport buses, as the 2020 fare is only 10,500 ($2.87USD)pesos. The bus ride takes about 45minutes to an hour to the city. The bus only drops you off at two locations, so make sure you let the bus driver know which one you're getting off at. the two stops are San Diego mall & behind the Nutibara hotel in El Centro.

Private transfer

Private transfers are a little more money but at least your driver will be looking for you & you don't have to explain where you're going. Private transfers are amazing if you don't speak the language or your scared you'll get ripped off.

Colombia4u – $64 (includes return trip but that is a per person charge)

Latin Hosts – $34

How to get around Medellin?


Taxis are cheap and plentiful. The phone app EasyTaxi provides secure rides with registered drivers; the minimum fare is COP$3,000 (US $1).

Try to to avoid taking taxis from the street at night, and travel in pairs or groups. Also don’t use (unlicensed) street taxis. Download the Uber or EasyTaxi app to order taxis. The drivers are registered and so is every single ride you take.


The bus is an easy network that runs around the entire city. Fares cost about COP$2,000 (US $0.70) and in places where there’s no metro, like Laureles and Poblado, buses are useful. Pay cash to the drivers once on board.

Medellin Metro

The quick and convenient metro cuts through the city from north to south. A single ticket costs COP$ 2,300 (US $0.70) but lines may stretch out of the station, so buy multiple trips.


Uber is available in Medellin, but its legal status is in jeopardy. When you call a rideshare, you'll be asked to sit in the front of the car as if you we're the taxi drivers "friend" for this reason. We used Uber most of the time while visiting Medellin. Uber is just as cheap as the local taxis but I felt more comfortable using an app I already had downloaded and know how to use.

New with Uber?

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When to travel to Medellin?

Medellín has a pleasant climate with mild temperatures, so his visit can be done any time of year. The best time for a trip to Medellin is the relatively dry season between December and February.

Where to eat in Medellin?

What language is spoken in Medellin?



Colombian Peso

Check out the Currency Converter for current rates.

Learn basic Spanish.

Buenos días — Good morning

Buenas tardes — Good afternoon

Buenas noches — Good evening / Good night

¿Cómo estás? — How are you? (informal)

Muy bien — Very well

Mi nombre es — My name is

¡Muchas gracias! — Thank you very much!

¡De nada! — You’re welcome! / No problem!

Por favor — Please (generally used at the end of a sentence)

¡Perdon! — Excuse me!

¡Disculpe! — Excuse me! (to apologize in advance for being a bit of a bother)

¡Lo siento! — Sorry! (to apologize for a mistake)

Things you should know when traveling to Medellin?

  • Sundays are sacred days for many people and businesses. Most of the local businesses, some restaurants, and coffee shops either close super early or don’t open at all.

  • Download the app Rappi- Its a South American app where you can order things from the pharmacy, liquor, restaurant, supermarkets, and more.

  • Medellin is called the city of “Eternal Spring”. The second largest city in Colombia, well-known for being a modern city with a significant tourist, cultural and commercial activity.

  • Colombia neighborhoods are based off the levels that are numbered 1-7. 1 being the poorest and 7 being the wealthiest.

  • Colombians take pride in how they look so its okay to dress a little more fancy in Medellin then most cities in Colombia!

  • Medellin in a city with many fun filled activities to do here! You'll find many water parks, nature hiking paths, history, and shopping malls within the city.

  • When you walk on the side of the road, don’t carry your bag on the side facing the street. Robberies from motorbike riders happen every now and then.

  • Don’t walk around at night, use a taxi.

Is Medellin kid friendly? Things to do with kids?

​Colombians love children and you will be looked after! Medellin is a hot tourist spot with safe neighbors to stay in.

There are many things to do in Medellin and parks for the kids to run around to explore.

"Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our life."


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