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Mommy Meet Up Picnic in Central Park

Our goal this summer was to bring together local moms and their children, to mingle and socialize with fellow moms. To us, it was important to encourage the unity of motherhood and promote a healthy lifestyle for the kids to enjoy the outdoors! It's summer and we get that every parent couldn't afford to travel around the world for a "mom break". So what better way than to enjoy your break in your city and bring local moms and kids together to enjoy the sun!

Our mommy meet up picnic was another great opportunity to introduce moms to new products and brands that we enjoy using. For every mom that attended we put together a goodie bag to show the appreciation for coming and just being the best mother they can be!

Thanks to all the sponsors that help put this picnic together!



Moms that Attended:


and more but not currently on Instagram.

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