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Questions to ask yourself when choosing a travel destination.

What is there to do In X?

What is there to do or maybe the question is how do you want to spend your vacation? If your looking for something laid back, maybe a beach vacation would be ideal. If you're into museums, you'll look more into a city getaway. Either way you want to know what activities there are to do when you choosing your destination.

Where to stay in X?

The location will depend on your budget, what's in your itinerary, where you'll eat, how you'll get around, and the neighborhood atmosphere you prefer. Location is everything!

What language is spoken in X?

Does the country your traveling speak the same language as you or will you have to learn a few words to get around? Communication is important.

What is the currency used in X?

Not every country accepts your money. Check out what kind of money is used and the conversion rate. Some countries money value is worth more or less than your own countries money.

How to get to your destination from the airport?

First-time travelers often make the mistake of booking a hotel in the area they want to stay in but don't think about what the closest airport is to their wanted destination. It's important to know how far and how to get to your hotel from the airport before booking a trip.

How to get around X?

Now that you're at your destination, you want to know how you're going to get around. Will you have to take a taxi every time you leave your hotel, is everything in walking distance, or you can take local transportation? Research ahead of time for transportation in the area you're staying at so you won't waste money renting a car or paying expensive cab fares.

When to travel to X?

Most of the time travelers pick a destination they want to go to but it's not always the ideal season to travel to it when they want. Every country has an offseason and high season. Although offseason means cheap flights and hotels, there is also a downside. Offseason can mean hot summers reaching up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit , the rainy season, monsoon season, the dry season, weather below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and many more climate factors coming into an offseason. You can't forget holiday & events in different countries that may result in the cost of traveling higher than usual. Holiday season and events also result in shops, restaurants, and museums you might want to check out being closed.

Where to eat in X?

You want to be aware of food options where your planning to stay or if traveling to food is easy. Check to see if the hotel your staying at serves food. Not all hotels have a restaurant. If not, how close is food? Is It in walking distance? If staying in an Airbnb, where is the closest supermarket?

Things you should know when traveling to X?

Every country is different with rules, regulations, and policies that you want to make sure you follow for your safety. In Japan, a law everyone(even tourist) must follow is that you cannot eat or drink on the streets. This law to a New Yorker sounds insane since we eat and dash all the time in the street, but as a tourist we must obey the countries laws that we are visiting because most strict countries won't hesitate to give you a fine or put you in jail.

Other things you may want to put in consideration when traveling to a new country is to research what the country is known for. It's not a bad idea to learn a few fun facts about the country. Locals are even more accepting when you take the time to actually learn about ones country or language. On the other hand you want to check out how safe the country is where you are traveling to. Have there been recent terrorist attacks? Recent civil wars? Pickpocketing crimes? An Embassy nearby? Being knowledgeable of these things will help you decide where you will travel to and your limits.

Is X kid friendly? Things to do with kids?

If your traveling with kids it's crucial to know that your family will be comfortable when traveling. Of course most kids are welcome everywhere and you're free to travel the world but you want to consider if the destination your traveling to has a kid-friendly scene and family-oriented activities. You want your kids to enjoy the trip just as much as you would. Research ahead of time kid-friendly activities to explore in town.

"Sometimes the questions are more important than the answers."

- Nancy Willard


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