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13 Reasons Kids Should Travel

1. You’ll meet a ton of strangers that turn into friends from around the world for a lifetime! Normally, if I’m by myself no one notices me but with the kids, we're always being noticed. We also tend to make a lot of little international friends when going to parks which open up conversations from locals.

2. You open up their world to new foods, culture, knowledge, and experiences that aren’t available in the classroom.

3. Travel creates opportunities to be brave and move beyond their comfort zone challenging themselves in a new way.

4. Traveling makes kids more adaptable. When you travel to countries that don’t have the same amenities you do at home, your kids learn to be more appreciative and adaptable to what they do and do not have.

5. Traveling to internationally will help you're kids to be less judgmental. Being exposed to different kinds of people, skin colors, social class, ethics, and cultures will help them realize that we're all different in our own way but still human! I remember when traveling to Sri Lanka our daughter saw a brunch of kids running around with no shoes on and just wanted to play with kids her age! She didn't see underprivileged kids, all she saw was someone else to play with! It was really a humbling experience just to see this as adults that our daughter just wanted to fit in!

6. Travel is a break from technology and encourages kids to become active members in the world around them.

7. Travel improves the ability to learn in school and encourages learning and makes kids want to learn.

8. Kids soak up details! My daughter knows every country where we traveled to and can identify where it’s located on the map with the main cities we traveled too! Not to brag but she’s only 4 years old!

9. Kids have no fears! It makes me as an adult want to be brave and try something new while traveling

10. You'll create memories. Whether its for you or the kids you'll have experiences that stay with you for a lifetime! Your child is never too young to bring along to remember the experience of bonding with you.

11.Its a break from the real world! I don't know about you guys but when we're back home in New York I spend most of the time working. Traveling with the kids gives us a break from the working life and time to reconnect with the kids focusing on them with the attention they need.

12. If you want to teach your kids independence have them research and help plan your next vacation. Once our kids get older I would want them to do they're our research and learn about the history where we travel to. When we travel with our toddler we allow her to make most of her decisions on her own on what new foods she wants to try. We give her options for activities available in the destination were traveling to.

13. Travel opens up their minds experiencing new culture developing a profound sense of understanding and respect.

" True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing."


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