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Scuba Diving in Koh Samui, Thailand.

(World War II ship wreck in Hams Sattakut dive site)

Scuba Diving in Koh Toa was a historical experience for me. If you know me i'm a history fanatic. You didn't have to tell me twice that we would being taking a plunge in "Hams Sattakut", where a World War ll ship wreck was sunken. This former US World War II Navy vessel served between the fierce battle between the USA and Japan. After the ship was decommissioned, the US navy ship was purposely was sunken as new artificial reef and dive site. Another dive site I enjoyed was "Hin Wong Bay". Hin Wong Bay has a mass of school fish ready to greet you, once you're in the water. The diverse Thailand marine life that you're likely to find at this site are longfinned banner fish, blue spotted sting rays, sea cucumber, fusilier fish, and more.

I chose to dive with Silent Divers in Thailand. The online website is efficient and easy to purchase your gear and dives before you arrive. The online website also gives you the option to pay when you arrive, but you're required to pay 20% to confirm your booking! While in Thailand I took the Nitrox certification course. Luis, a scuba instructor and owner of Silent Divers taught my course and certificated me to scuba dive with Nitrox air. I was very satisfied in the way he taught the Nitrox course. Luis made sure I understood the lesson and video I was mandated before leaving the class room and hitting the waters! Silent Divers don't only offer scuba diving but whale watching and snorkeling as well. If It was the season for sure I would gone snorkeling with whales. Silent Divers is based in Koh Samui so we take a speed boat to Koh Tao. It takes about 45 min to and hour to reach Koh Tao. Don't worry about packing food or drinks. Silent divers cooks a fresh homemade Thai meal after your first dive. The food is simply amazing! Silent divers gave me comfortability in the waters and most importantly mad sure we had fun!!

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