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Sint Maarten

What is there to do in Sint Maarten?

  • Take this iconic picture here at Maho Beach where you can watch the arriving planes land & depart. You can get the flight scheduled by googling departing flights from SXM.

  • Experiences the worlds steepest zip line .. Flying Dutchman

  • Go tubing.. check out Rain Forest Adventures.

  • Visit orient Bay Beach. You can find a ton of restaurants along the beach & water sports.

  • Go Scuba diving or snorkeling.

  • Top night life places to go: Red piano, District 721, 3 Amigos, Lounge 74, & Red Diamond.

  • Visit the main Capital of Philipsburg on the Dutch side! This is where the boardwalk is located to book water sports & restaurant on the beach. This is also where cruises come in to dock.

  • Visit pinel island! You won’t regret It!

  • Take a day trip to Anguilla. We visited during COVID, so the island isn't open to Americans until July 2021.

  • Go on an ATV tour.

  • Sint Maarten is an island so you can expect to find a ton of water sports such as Jet skis, paddle boarding, fishing, and more.

  • Rum taste the local liquors on the island on Sint Maarten. Most local drinks are made with guavaberry liquors.

Where to stay in Sint Maarten?

Sint Maarten's capital Philipsburg and Simpson Bay, the main tourist area, are where you'll find the shopping centres, nightlife, & casinos. Feel free to book your stay anywhere on the island! It’s small enough to travel back & forth by car to the French & Dutch side within minutes. So rent a car if you're not staying at a resort.

The Dutch side has many waterfront resorts and condo communities, but if you're looking for something quieter try the far end of Simpsons Bay Beach.

Where I Stayed?

I stayed in an Airbnb on the French side.

Never tried AirBnB before? You can get up to $55 off your stay through my link.​

How to get around Sint Maarten?


You can get around the island by taxi. Most taxis you'll find are located at Princess Juliana International Airport. Taxis are unmetered on both sides of the island. Taxis may carry government-issued rate sheets based on two-person occupancy. There is a $4 additional fee for each person. Make sure you negotiate a price before getting into a cab.

Rent a car

A car is the best way to experience and explore St. Maarten. Its easy to get around the island by car and daily rates are pretty cheap.

Public Bus

Traveling by public bus (more like a minivan) is a reasonable means of transport on St. Maarten. Buses run daily from 5am to midnight and serve most major locations on both sides of the island. The fare is $2 ($2.50 8pm-midnight). Buses accept both dollars and euros.

When to travel to Sint Maarten?

The island's weather is pleasant year-round, so feel free to visit at any time. They say the best times to visit are May to June or between November and mid-December because hotels advertise their best rates.

The off-season is considered summer (end of June early November) to fall because it is hurricane season.

Where to eat in Sint Maarten?

  • Simpson Bay is a strip of restaurants & local stores.

  • Red Piano

  • 3 Amigos.. the food wasn't all that but the drinks were strong & a great spot to pregame!

  • District 721- This is an outdoor "cafeteria" where a bunch of small restaurants is in one area. There is also a club soon opening up in District 721 you'll be able to go to! We visited District 721 every night before we when out! There's also a hookah lounge located here. It's a vibe!

  • Sun Set Bar Grill- Is located at Maho beach where the planes take off.

  • Crêperie Cape Cafe.

  • Sand Bar SMX- Is located at Maho beach where the planes take off.

  • Jax Steakhouse

  • The Point Restaurant

  • Oasis Swim-Up Bar

  • Zee Best

  • Emilio’s

  • Nowhere Special

  • Karakter Beach Bar/Restaurant

What language is spoken in Sint Maarten?

Sint Maarten is a melting pot of cultures. The languages spoken here are: English, French, Dutch, & Creole.


The USD is commonly used throughout the country. The Euro is the official St. Martins currency on the French side, and on the Dutch side uses the Netherlands Antilles Florin (NAF).

Things you should know when traveling to Sint Maarten?

  • There is no wrong way to spell Sint Maarten. The French spell the country's name: ST. Martin. The Dutch spell the country: Sint Maarten.

  • Sint Maarten is 1 island, 2 nations (French & Dutch).

  • If you need a COVID test for departure go to Bellevue Pharmacie. It’s $37 USD.

  • Feel free to book your stay anywhere on the island! It’s small enough to travel back & forth by car to the French & Dutch side within minutes. So rent a car if you're not staying at a resort.

  • The island is duty free. ( That means no tax.. yay)

  • In St. Maarten they operate on a 110V/50Hz system. Plugs are the same as in the US, flat with two or three prongs. The French side uses 220V/60Hz and type E, French style plugs.

  • The Dutch side of the island is especially known for its nightlife, beaches, and casinos. The French side has great beaches as well, in addition to some fantastic, high-end shopping and markets.

Is Sint Maarten kid-friendly? Things to do with kids?

Sint Maarten is super kid-friendly! This island is welcome to many cruise lines that come in & out of the port, which targets families!

  • Loterie Farm

  • Butterfly Farm

  • Rhino Safari Excursion

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