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Stockholm, Sweden.

What is there to do in Stockholm?

Where to stay Stockholm ?

Gamla Stan (Old Town)-heart of the Stockholm waterways. Here you'll find many shops,resturants, and easy access to other parts of the city, by ferry or by metro. Gamla Stan is also one of Europe’s oldest preserved medieval cities.

Norrmalm-is right in the centre of the Stockholm mainland and one of the top places to stay in Stockholm.

Its a little more pricey than Gamla Stan but this central location is conveniently close to all metro lines and Arlanda Airport.

Södermalm-is very hip and trendy with a younger crowd. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, and art galleries. In Södermalm you'll find boutique and luxury hotels. The area is also convent to the City Museum, Tantolunden Park and Långholmen Island.

Djurgårde- If your looking for a quiet stay and traveling with your family, Djurgårde is perfect! If you want to visit the ABBA Museum, Skansen, Vasa Warship or the Nordic Museum, as they are all a short distance away. The only downside to this area is that, its not close to a metro station.

Östermalm- In Östermalm you'll find many parks, museums, shopping, eating and entertainment. Great area for night life(Stureplan Nightclub district) and a range of shopping malls. You will also find the Östermalmshallen food market here.

Vasastan- Here you'll find antique shops, art stores, restaurants, bars, and lots of history & culture. Its a young and lively scene in this area.

What language is spoken in Stockholm?

Swedish, English, Yiddish,Finnish,& Romani.


Swedish krona

How to get to your destination from the airport?

The preferred airport to Hotel Birger Jarl is Stockholm (ARN-Arlanda). Its about a 20-30 minutes car ride to the hotel.

  • Taxi- Taxis to Stockholm are normally at a fix price. The maximum you should pay for a taxi up to 4 people is 675 SEK. Birger Jarl can call a taxi for your. Taxis are usually located outside the hotel around the clock.

  • Flygbussarna Airport coaches (bus) leaves every 10 minutes.

ARN ----> Stockholm Central takes 45min

ARN ----> Liljeholmen & Brommaplan 50min

  • Arlanda Express(high speed train)- To Stockholm Central Station it takes about 20 minutes. Children 0-17 years(4max) travel free accompanied by adult from 26.

  • Direct Commuter train(SL-Local Train)- Takes about 40 minutes. If you have a valid SL ticket and over the age of 18, you just pay the supplement fee.The Supplement fee(SL) is 120 SEK. The closest stop to Birger Jarl is Rådmansgatan.

  • Local bus & change to commuter train takes about 60 minutes. The closest commuter train stop to Birger Jarl is Rådmansgatan.

When to travel to Stockholm?

You can visit Stockholm all year round. In the winters it can get really cold, so your going to need to wrap up! We traveled to Stockholm in late February and the weather was pretty bearable. We explored most of the city on foot but to keep us warm, we wore heat tech technology clothing from Uniqlo to keep us warm! It snowed most days we visited but less then an inch of snow fell, and the snow was perfectly romantic!

For warm weather and sunshine, the best time to visit Sweden is May to September.

How to get around Stockholm?

  • Taxi- Taxis are always a reliable way to get around Stockholm but overpriced. If you want to save money I would try to avoid taking taxis and use public transportation.

  • Metro(SL Train)- You have to pay 20 SEK for the card itself but there are single use travelcards with tickets valid 75 minutes, 24 or 72 hours.

  • Bike

  • Bus

Where to eat in Stockholm?

Swedish people love to be social and drink coffee! They actually have a social event called fika, where the Swedish can go out with friends and coworkers up to 3-5 times a day to grab a coffee with a small sweet on the side like a cinnamon roll.

  • Meatballs for People- The best tasting traditional meatballs in Stockholm.

  • Saluhall- is a market of stalls with many traditional dishes.

  • Chokladkoppen- This is best place in Stockholm to have Fika! Chokladkoppen is located right in Stortorget, so its the perfect spot to get out of the cold and have some hot chocolate with their famous cinnamon rolls.

  • Himeln Bar- You get a beautiful panoramic views of the whole city.

Things you should know when traveling to Stockholm?

  • Alcohol is state own so if you want to go buy a bottle you have to buy it a a store called System Bolaget and won't fine it in any other store. The Liquor stores are also closed on Sunday and close early ar 5pm on Saturdays.

  • If your coming to Sweden to see the northern lights, you won't find them here in Stockholm. Its to far down south. If you want to see the northern lights, you have to travel far up north!

  • Don't get confused! There is an Old Stockholm and New Stockholm!

Is Stockholm kid friendly? Things to do with kids?

Stockholm is super kid friendly ! The Swedish love kids! Stockholm is a city, but you'll have the freedom for your kids to walk around more freely. Most neighborhoods are quiet and perfect for families.

"I AM NOT LOST! To be lost, you have to know where you're supposed to be, and i don't even know that."