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Tips on How to Be a Safe Traveler.

1. If your traveling solo NEVER tell strangers you are traveling alone! Anytime I ever traveled solo and a stranger ask if i'm traveling alone, I always tell them that my sister or family member is back at the hotel so they always think someone is expecting to see you back.

2. If your an iPhone user share your location for the remainder of your trip thats not with you, so someone always has an eye on you.

3. Check the travel advisory goverment website before traveling to see if the country you are traveling to is safe and sign up for updates.

4. Never carry a load a cash or your passport on you in the case of being mugged.

5. Do your research wherever your traveling to. Get to know your destination in depth before you arrive.

6. Don't draw too much attention. Leave your Gucci bags at home, especially if you're traveling to an undeveloped country. The only people you'll impress are the predators that are lurking for attention seekers.

7. Make copies of important documents like where you're staying and your passport.

8. If you add locals on social media while traveling try not to post in real time so they don't know your every move or can find you and/or where you're staying.

9. Hide valuables in your hotel room. Even though you should feel safe with your belongings in your room don't ever doubt that a worker can or thief can break into your room and steal something.

10. Have a lock on your suitcase while traveling to the next destination and even locked at your hotel when you're not there.

11. Never get in an unofficial taxi or take a ride that is offered to you.

12. To avoid getting sick and food poisoning be sure to ONLY drink bottled filter water and be cautious when eating street food or food that's not prepared properly.

13. Bring along pepper spray with you. I bring it everywhere with me. I'm actually not 100% sure if you can bring this in your carry-on but I always place it in my toiletries along with all my other liquids under 3.4oz and never got it taken away from me. Its for my safey and makes me feel some what safe. The worst that TSA can do is throw it out if they don't allow it!

14. Stay relatively sober. Getting to drunk or high is always risky because your not fully aware or present! Anything could happen and predators are more likely to take advanage of your mind altered state.

15. Register with your Embassy. U.S Department of State is designed to make local Embassy's aware of your arrival and to keep you constantly updated with the lastest saftey information.

16. Email your itinerary to friends and or family!

17. Hide emergency cash! How much emergency cash? This will be personal preference, but I usually prefer $200 spread out in 2 different places. Some hidden on me & some hidden in my bag at the hotel. A hidden backup credit card is wise too.

"Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!"


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