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Tour New York in A helicopter with FlyNYON

If you want to Sightsee on a whole different level then you need to tour with FlyNYON! Souring over my own city in a helicopter as a native of New Yorker has given me a new outlook on my city. It’s a thrill-seeking adventure that will take your mind to new heights! Literally! Haha!

The views were incredible and out of this world. You fly over historic landmarks and are left memorized! I still can’t believe I was over the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, The freedom tower, and more! At one point I was searching for my house from above!

Not only do you get epic views from the helicopter but this company is licensed to fly with the doors off and you can hang your feet out over the city!

When checking in the process is easy. The staff is well-organized, helpful, and reassuring.

You’re given a briefing and they go over instructions when flying with FlyNYON. After the briefing, they you put into a harness for your safety. The staff made me feel like I had nothing to worry about as a first-time flyer that’s afraid of heights.

One of my favorite perks about the experience was that you’re given a selfie stick for your phone that straps onto your harness. The strap will prevent you from dropping your phone while you’re up in the air.

This is one experience that I could check off on my bucket list and would try again. Depending on the time of day and weather, you’ll have a different experience each time. I soared through the air in the daytime which was beautiful since it was a clear day. On the next flight, I would want to experience the views at night! I could only imagine the star grazing with city lights from up top!

To book your sightseeing tour with a view click the link for FlyNYON.


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