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Touring Guatape with Tours Guatape

Have you ever traveled to a destination that made you feel like you were in a movie? Well, that's how I felt when I toured the city of Guatape With "Tour Guatape"! I felt like I was a character in the movie, "Encanto". The colors of the city will completely captivate you.

The tour starts with a bus pick up at various locations through the city of Medellin. The ride is about 1 hour and 45 minutes to Guatape. On the ride, I made new friends throughout the day which made the trip more enjoyable.

Our guide Sandy & Elizabeth gave us the rundown on the bus about the beautiful history of Guatape, which left us with no questions to ask!

Once we arrived at Peñol which is the "huge rock" everyone climbs for the epic views at the top we were free to roam around for an hour. Climbing the rock is an optional service for this tour but how can you travel all this way and not go up! You can purchase directly at the stone's ticket office (price $20,000 per person). Make sure you bring cash(PESOS not USD.)

After taking in the breathtaking views we hopped back on the bus and went to a local Colombia restaurant to have a delicious Colombian meal.

Once we were full we took a boat tour of the Guatapé dam. After we took a walking tour of the city with Sandy & Elizabeth. At this time you're free to roam the city until you have to get on the bus. I used most of this time to shop for art from the local painters. The city is so colorful it's so hard not to a souvenir shop and purchase something with colors to bring back home! I wanted to brighten up my own home in New York and have a piece of Colombia with me :) .

Overall the tour was a great experience & I couldn't believe how much was covered for this affordable cost: round trip transportation, a walking guide tour, a boat tour, lunch, and free time. You can't beat the price for this experience.

To book your colorful adventure to this beautiful city, go directly to Tour Guatape's website.

"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. "


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