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Touring Saona Island with JackCana in Punta Cana

Deciding to book with JackCana for two days instead of one was the best decision we made while visiting Punta Cana.

The whole experience was really enjoyable & everyone we met on the shared boat became family that day! The staff on the boat made sure we were always on schedule & satisfied during the ride!

To get on the boat, you'll have to take about a 15-20 min drive from the meeting point from the bus(JackCana Transportation included in your tour) to take you to the boating dock area to Isla Saona.

Onboard throughout the boat ride, you'll be entertained by a live jazz musician playing pop songs, watch a Dominican cultured dance, & party to the music where you'll want to get up and dance!

All ages are welcome aboard. My daughter is 6 years old and loved every moment of It!

Once you're on the boat you can expect to be carted to with beverages and any other needs to keep you happy! A photographer is also on the boat to capture every fun filled moment on the boat available for purchase so can put down your phone to stay in the present!

Before reaching Isla Saona we made a stop at a lagoon area where we were able to snorkel and enjoy an open bar in the water. Literally, this was the coolest part for me; just hanging out in the middle of the ocean enjoying a drink while cooling off in the ocean.

Arriving at the island we're free to roam around and enjoy the crystal clear waters and the sandy beach until it's time for lunch! Lunch was served as a Dominican buffet style & we were able to choose what we wanted to eat. The food was really good and filling. I've had experiences of previous boat tours where we're fed finger foods and snacks. So touring with JanaCana you get your money's worth for sure!

If you’re looking for an enjoyable boat ride while soaking up the sun, choose to go with JackCana Tours!

JackCana also offers more tours such as Buggies, Horseback riding, Tours in Santo Domingo, Safari tours, fishing, zip lining, Scuba diving, transportation from the airport & more!

"You only live once , but if you do it right, once is enough."

Book your next experience directly on JackCana's website now!


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