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20 Traveling Jobs That Pay!

1.Teaching English

Teaching English is one of the highest paying jobs while traveling. Just think about It..English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. In countries such as Japan, China, and Korea an ESL teacher can get paid up to $20USD an hour! Not only is English a reasonable paying job while traveling but some countries even give you accommodations like living areas that may be included in your pay. The best part about this job is that you don't need to know another language to teach English!

2. Scuba Diving Instructor

To become a scuba instructor you have to have a minimum of a PADI Open Water Scuba instructor course. Instructors don’t make much money, but the great perk of this job is that you get to teach in some of the world’s most exotic waters. If you want to make money scuba diving, you would want to look into owning a business!

3. Au Pair

An Au pair is a nanny who may also be expected to do light housework. Au pairs tend to work in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and/or New Zealand. Don't expect much free time to travel around the country while being an Au pair because you'll be working for a families needs and not yours. This arrangement will only work for you if your wanting to dive into a new culture, you enjoy taking care of kids, and/or just for the experience to live somewhere new. Au pairs do get free time and sometimes even vacations with the family. An Au pair contract can range from six months and up. Check out the International Au Pair Organization to start.

4. Work for Your Accommodation

Many hostels will let you stay for free in exchange for light work around the hostel. Research and contact the hostels before you arrive. Find a working Hostel for your accommodation at Hostel world.

5. Home Swap

If you own a house or an apartment and considering traveling for a period of time you can swap houses with another that's looking for the same type of break! You can save a ton a of money on accommodation costs, swapping a home instead of paying rent and a hotel. Check out Home for exchange to find your new home!

6. Bartending and Waitressing

Bartending and waitressing is one of the most common jobs travelers tend to gravitate to while traveling. For starters it's a job you don't need much experience to become one and its a quick job making money under the table if you're working illegally. As long as you find a great place where the tips are good, you'll make a good amount of income.

7. Freelance Photographer

If you have great photography skills and a keen business sense, you may be able to sell some of your travel photos. Being a freelance photographer you'll have much more free time on your hands to explore but just remember to use some of your free time making your money as well!

8.Yacht Crew

Being a part of a yacht crew you'll work on a boat while visiting exotic destinations. Different types of positions available are deck-hands, stewardess, chef, tour manager, entertainment, engineer, and more. The best part about being apart of a yacht crew is that food, accommodation, transportation, and insurance are covered. You'll also have plenty of vacation time to travel on your own.

9. Travel Nurse

If you want to be a travel nurse, you must first get a degree as a registered nurse (RN) which takes 2-4 years. Once you have a degree you can apply for temporary travel nursing jobs which can last up to 13 weeks. Sometimes travel nurses jobs include tax-free income, free housing, medical coverage, rental cars, and more depending on the assignment.

10. Flight Attendant

Employees working for airlines often get substantial discounts on airfare for themselves and their family. Depending on the airline you work for the pay is normally reasonable but don't have a great choice of shifts or destinations.

11. Tour Guide/Organizer

If you enjoy tourism, building trip itineraries, planning visas, and staying arrangements, tour guide/organizing might be for you. You don't need to speak multiple languages but its definitely ideal if you did. The pay is reasonable, but if you own your own tour guide/organizer you can make big bucks overseas.

12. Work at a Campsite

Becoming a camp counselor, you'll have to enjoy working outdoors with kids but will be able to dive into a different culture and an environment. The best part about being a camp counselor is that you'll be making money and you'll be able to save money, food, accommodation, and housing is covered.

13. Online Teacher or Tutor

If you want to work online from home this can be a fantastic job for teachers or tutors. You'll be paid your normal pay as if we're working at home but now you can travel and work on your own time.

14. Join the Military

Although you may not have much recreation time to travel on your own in the military, your services can lead to opportunities working overseas. You're going to have to put your time in for these opportunities and willing to serve the country.

15. Peace Corps / NGO

Working for the Peace Corps is a full-time volunteering job where you won't make much money. The Peace Corps is only going to enrich your life with the experience of a lifetime. The work itself is challenging but worth It.

16. Internet Affiliate Marketer

Internet affiliate marketers create websites that sell other people’s products and then take a percentage of sales. This is the perfect job if you want to work from home but you need to be tech savvy and have an entrepreneurial bent.

17. Pilot

Becoming a pilot requires a lot of experience and education but well worth the pay and travel destinations.

18. Digital Nomad

Digital nomads work from their computers online for themselves. Digital Nomads are normally bloggers/Vloggers and travel freely. Just know that you can not become a digital nomad overnight unless you go viral! It takes time but can pay your bills while traveling.

19. Open a business abroad

Become your own boss and open up your own business! Open a restaurant, a pub, a tour company, or even a hostel. Don't expect to travel at the beginning of opening up your business till its booming! Once your making money and can trust someone to run your business while you are traveling, this will be a great way to travel abroad.

20. Traveling Fitness Instructor

By becoming a freelance fitness instructor you'll be able to travel freely and work when you want to. Freelance Fitness instructors normally teach classes on pilates, yoga, zumba, dance, or provide services as a personal trainer. Some instructors make deals with local gyms or hotels/retreats in order to use their facilities with clients.

Not all jobs may pay the bills but they pay for an experience of a lifetime. Just remember most of these jobs you chose on this list may only pay for your living expenses while you are traveling. Just as you are home and don't have enough time to travel at your current job, you may experience the same issues when traveling aboard. Pick your job wisely where you'll still have time to travel around the country but also allowed to take time off.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."



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