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Traveling with Breast milk and Breastfeeding.

What's in my breast milk bag?

  • A handheld pump that doesn't require a plugin or batteries for long haul travel. I also like to use my handheld if I'm vacationing on a boat for long hours without the baby and I can't plug in my electric one.

  • Extra batteries for electic breast pump.

  • Two electric beast pumps with caps.

  • Extra storage bag to store milk for the entire trip.

  • Pad (If needed)

  • Panty liners (If needed)

  • Tampons (If needed)

What's in my lunch bag?

  • Frozen Gel pack or Fronze water bottle.

  • Frozen or thawed breastmilk.

TSA regulations with Breast Milk and Tips.

In the US expresses milk and related baby and child feeding items are exempt from TSA regulations limiting quantities of liquids and gels.

Passengers are allowed to carry with them all expressed milk, ice, gel packs, and other items required to transport expressed milk through airport security checkpoints and onboard flights. Instead of traveling with a gel pack I normally pack a frozen water bottle as an ice pack to keep my milk froze. It tends to last longer and you'll also have drinking water on the plane.

You do not have to be traveling with a baby to a be able to carry milk and supplies. Your breast pump and cooler counts as medical supplies and do not count toward your personal or carry-on limit.

You can refuse to have your milk x-rayed. If you chose to not have your milk x-rayed, just give yourself enough time at the airport for a pat down. The Food and Drug Administration states that there are no known adverse effects from eating food, drinking beverages and using medicine screened by X-ray.

If you feel as if you'll have an issue going through TSA having a printed copy of the regulations for expressed milk may help the screening process. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!

At the beginning of the screening process, inform the TSA officer or related accessories, and separate them from other liquids, gels, and aerosols that are limited to 3.4oz(100ml) each, subject to TSA liquids rule.

Mamas!!! Do not forget to pack anything you may need to take care of yourself while traveling !! Whether its snacks to keep your milk and energy going or just supplies to take care of yourself.

Check airport guides for nursing rooms so you can pump or feed your baby comfortably.

Traveling in nursing wear will make your life easier while on the go and you'll be able to feed/pump indiscreet. I like to travel with Latched

Mama or Loyal Hana nursing wear!

Don't be afraid to ask restaurants in the airport for a hot cup of water to unthaw frozen breastmilk. When its for the kids anyone is willing to help!

Storage Temperature Guide for breast milk.

"Breast feeding is a mothers gift to herself, the baby , and the earth."


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