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When looking for flights and hotels, don’t just search one website! The only time you want to stay with one travel site is to rack up points to buy vacations with those points! Take a look at some sites I use when looking for cheap air fare, hotels, and packages.

(Expedia Best Price Guarantee)

Expedia- Is a trustworthy website I normally look at when traveling. Expedia does have a booking fee as well as other sites, but what I like about this site is that they have the best price guaranteed. Best price guarantees that Expedia will have the best price for you, so if you find the same hotel you just bought is cheaper on another website, Expedia is going to match that price for you! On top of getting the cheaper deal, Expedia will also give you a 50$ coupon for your next trip! You can't beat that good deal. Sometimes the more expensive site is more valuable to your pockets! Expedia also has great package deals when you book a flight and hotel together. Expedia offers a free cancellation for 24 hours, and most sites don’t give you a free cancellation or only a few hours to rethink about the trip you just purchased.

(SkyScanner search engine to search everywhere)

SkyScanner- One of my favorite websites that's gives you the ability to search a full month for flights. If your schedule is flexible, you can search the whole month and find the cheapest day to travel instead of sticking to your first choice of dates. This site searches all the airlines and sites for you to find the cheapest deal. Skyscanner also gives you the option to search everywhere from your current airport. For example, you can search ALL flights that leave from New York City and it will show you the cheapest flight that leaves from NY in the states and out of the country.

(Kayak search engine)

Searches hundreds of hotel sites at once to find cheapest hotels and flights.

(Skiplagged random deals)

Is the ultimate finesse when finding cheap airfare that is completely legal! What Skiplagged does is books you a ticket past your destination. For an example; if you are looking for a ticket to fly to Texas, Skiplagged will find you a cheap flight to California with a connecting flight that stops in Texas. The final destination is California but you're going to want to get off in Texas because that's the destination you want. Ideally, this only works if you are traveling light with a carry on because if you check your bag it will be sent off to the final destination on your ticket, which is California. Skiplagged also lets you search for flights from your current city to everywhere to find the cheapest flight out of your city to anywhere. There are also random deals on Skipplagged if you're ever on the verge of a spontaneous trip.

(WowAir local airlines for the country you're located in)

Has enormous cheap flights for every country and local airlines.

(CheapOAir coupons when becoming a member )

When you sign up for a new account, you’ll get a coupon up to $20 off their booking fees. CheapOAir has other promotional codes for booking fees that can be waived during holiday seasons.

(Travel Pirates package deals)


Has great traveling packages for families, adults only vacations, and all inclusive packages.

(Cheap Caribbean package deals)


Offers deals all through the Caribbean such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica for cheap. Most of the packages are all-inclusive: flight, hotel, food, and drinks.

(eDreams search engine)

Is another website I use to find cheap flights. eDreams offers free cancellation within 3 hours of booking if you change your mind. eDreams also has many promotional deals on a daily basis and on every holiday, including holidays we consider small like Columbus day.

( search engine)

Is a great website for reasonably priced hotel stays. also gives you credit when referring a friend.

Airbnb’s are vacation homes you’ll be able to rent out for as little as $15+ a night. You can get the same quality and treatment staying in an Airbnb just as you would in a hotel. You'll avoid many fees charged by hotels. Become your own travel agent simply by finding the best deal from your home at your convenience. When you know what your looking for all you need to do is search the website that fits what you want such as package deals, hotel, or a flight.


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