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1 Love Baby's Portable Car Seat

When you’re traveling solo it means all the responsibility falls onto you. This means you’ll have your hands tied while chasing after a little one while carrying heavy luggage. To minimize how much I need to carry I recently discovered 1 Love Baby’s portable car seat and it’s a game changer.

Before discovering this portable car seat I used to have to carry a 50-pound luggage bag in addition to a heavy car seat! Even though my kids are getting older and can help me with their own bags, traveling can be exhausting and when my kids are tired I end up carrying all our belongings.

This portable car seat Is easy to pack, lightweight, padded, and the clips feel Secure. Once the harness is fully clipped you also put the seatbelt through the loop for more security! You will need to have a car seat that can recline to put the straps on the back of the seat but it’s an easy install and takes less than 3 minutes!

This should not replace the normal car seat you use back at home but we are a family that travels to the Caribbean often. This means there aren’t many laws on child seats in the countries we travel to. The portable car seat also comes in handy when we have sleepovers with our family and friends that have kids and they forgot to bring their car seat!

Check the law on the child seat pertaining to the country of intended use.

I'm completely obsessed with how much this portable car seat had changed my travel game and eased my life!

To Purchase your portable Strap & Safe Child protection seat or more baby essentials click the link to the direct website to 1 Love Baby.


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