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Subscribe to airlines email list.

As annoying it is receiving an email update about flight prices, its one of the BEST ways to find a deal in your budget. I’ve strictly made an email for subscriptions I normally make with websites that I want updates on.Therefore, i’m less likely to ignore these email in my personal mailbox, and it won’t be too overwhelming getting multiple updates.

Buy travel insurance.

Not only does it guarantee a full refund in case you can't make your trip due to an emergency, but if you get a price drop from an airline subscription for the same flight then return your old ticket and buy the new one at the discounted price. To me this is a lot of work but if I get an update of an significant change in the pricing, then for sure its worth the exchange!

IMPORTANT TIP! Make sure you buy the new ticket first at the discounted price before getting a refund because low air fares go fast. You might lose the low fare air ticket if you wait on your refund first!

Clear your cookies.

Trick the system before it tricks you! When your constantly looking for a certain flight, your web browser stores your details, so its looks like the flight you're looking for is in high demand. This means that the price will go up since you repeatedly searched for the same flight.

Buddy Passes.

If you know someone that works with the airlines, ask them for a buddy pass!Employees that work for the airlines have FREE air tickets called buddy passes for friends and family usage. You'll be surprised at how many employees don't use these tickets, so don't be afraid to ask a friend or family member for the hook up!

Last minute deals.

If you have a flexible schedule and not so picky about a destination its easy to find last minute deals. Last minute deals don’t really work for the destination of your choosing unless your lucky. For this reason, last minute deals are only deals because they are mainly for flights that didn’t sell out.

Number of tickets being purchased.

When buying two or more ticket together online, the airline reservation will book all tickets at the same price. Example: One single ticket might be sold for 100$ and the rest are sold at $200 together. If you purchase tickets separately, the total will be $200. Purchasing the tickets together will end up being $400 together!

TIP: When booking separately, you won’t be seating together on the plane. Don’t waste money on purchasing the seat you want online! When checking in at the airport arrive early, and just ask to be seated next to each other. SIMPLE and SAVES your pockets! If the flight is full, just ask passengers on the plane if they mind switching. Nine out of ten people will switch with you, especially if their not in a seat of their choosing.

Fly on the cheapest day.

Flying Saturdays nights are normally a cheap time to fly because everyone normally wants to be where their going before the weekend. Most places you travel to that are tourist areas are always going to be festive, so don't stress yourself out if your not going out on a Friday night to party. There's always a party everyday of the week in any city or town you go. Sundays and Fridays are the most expensive to fly on. Tuesdays and Wednesday have the cheapest days to fly. Overnight flights are also cheap.


Try looking for tickets in the beginning of the week from Monday to Wednesday. Airlines release weekly sales early Mondays and Tuesdays. By Tuesday at 3pm eastern time airlines usually match their prices so you can purchase with their airlines. Don’t wait to far out to purchase your plane ticket, but don’t purchase to early for a ticket! Low air tickets sell out fast, so waiting to long may result in not getting the flight you desire and/or having to pay more. Buying ticket 6+ months advance, you would think you would save you money but this is not always the case. Air ticket prices constantly fluctuate.

International ticket: Shop 5½ months and 1½ month before departure.

U.S domestic tickets: Shop between 3 months and 30 days before departure.

Peaks seasons: Shop 2 months before departure. Peak seasons are holidays and summers.

Fly local airlines.

Fly local airlines within the country you are traveling to. If you are jumping around to different countries in Asia try to fly with only Asian airlines. Its going to save you some money by doing so.

Holidays and promo deals.

Follow you favorite airlines on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Airlines will have promo deals for flights to new destination they never use to flight to. Recently Cuba has opened up to American tourism to Cuba, so many airlines haves direct flight deals to Cuba. Be on the look out for deals for less acknowledged holidays such as Saint Patrick’s Day or Columbus Day. People normally don’t travel on holidays like these so they have more deals. Everyone wants to travel for the bigger holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years so less likely you'll be able to find a good deal.

Last year during the hoildays I tried to go to Mexico and the air fares started at 400$ in December. I decided to go after the New Year and found a ticket for only 100$. Prices drop significantly and deals emerge when the tourist decide to leave!

You don't need a travel agent to get these views! Become you own travel agent and travel for less by following these simple rules!!

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