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(Bay Gardens)

What is there to do in Singapore ?

Singapore may be a small country but offers numerous activities to explore. From Indoor activities such as aquariums, art museums, and rock climbing to the great outdoors filled with theme parks, zip lining, and many more endless fun activities!

(Little India picture 1&2; The falls at the Garden by the Bay picture 3; Chinatown picture 4; S.E.A Aquarium picture 5; Universal Studios picture 6)

(Marina Bay Sands)

Where to stay at in Singapore?

  • ​Marina Bay- Modern 4 to 5 star hotels area, that can be very pricey. Marina Bay Sands is one of Singapores most famous and largest building. Stay here for the architecture and the infinity pool.

  • Chinatown- Close to Little India. Know for their upmarket and boutique hotels.

  • Little India- Best place to find budget hotels.

  • Bras Basah Road and Rochor Road - All the hotels here are newly rebuild and modern. This area can be a bit pricey.

(Little India)

What language is spoken in Singapore?

Most Chinese Singaporeans can speak English, Chinese, and Mandarin. I was actually shocked at how many Singaporeans knew English and how street signs and buildings were in English. I’m use to going to parts of Asia where almost everything is in characters but Singapore is a great introduction for new travelers to Asia.

(Ticket machine in subway)

How to get around Singapore?

Getting around Singapore is simple and easy! Singapores subway and bus system is fast and efficient.

  • MRT(train) -Once your at the metro station you will be able to purchase a preloaded card to use to get in the subway station. The machines enable you to select the language of your choosing with self-explanatory instructions on how to purchase the card and fare.

You have to load the card with money. Cash and credit are accepted. Each individual must purchase their OWN card. You will swipe your card twice when traveling on the train. Once when entering and another time exiting. Your card is charged depending on what stop you get on and off. Each station you get off of varies as to what will be charge your preloaded card. Purchasing a preloaded card is the best option if your planning on using the trains daily for numerous of days. If your in Singapore for a limited of time, there are day passes available at the ticket counter.

We purchased 3 day pass card which gave us unlimited rides on the train and bus. Each day the pass cost 10 Singapore dollars. There is a $10 deposit fee for the the card but when your ready to leave you can return your card back to any subway ticket booth and you'll receive your 10$ back. In total The cost of the 3 day pass was $40 but $30 when we brought the card back. This was the cheapest option getting around Singapore when traveling to multiple destinations and no need to invest into a MRT card you'll never use again!

  • Taxi

  • Uber

  • Bus

When to travel to Singapore?

All year around Singapore weather ranges in the high 80s. Its normally very humid in Singapore. Just be mindful of exorbitant prices of popular events and national holidays like Chinese new year.

Feb-April: The most pleasant months. This is the time of year that many outdoor activities become available then.

November-January: The wettest months.

May and June: The hottest months.

(Fried Noodles picture 1; dining tables at food stalls in Chinatown picture 2&4; buffet in Chinatown picture 3; Curry chicken in Little India picture 5; Fried and boiled chickens picture 6)

Where to eat in Singapore?

Singapore is known for their food courts stalls in shopping centres. These Hawker centres consist of rich heritage of food dishes of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian influences.

Things you should know when traveling to Singapore?

  • Chewing gum is illegal here. Its banned and won't be even able to purchase gum here.

  • Singapore Changi is rated one of the best airports in the world. This is one airport you want to arrive early for your flight. Changi has a free roof top pool/bar and changing rooms while waiting for your flight. Changi even has the best shopping and dining in the airport. Did I forget to mention they have indoor playgrounds for children in every terminal?! Still have time? check out Changi's first butterfly garden or maybe even catch a movie in a 24 hour movie theater!

  • 3-4 days is all you need here this country is very small.

  • The laws are very strict and take crimes are taken very seriously.

  • Singapore is a great introduction for new travelers to Asia.

  • Be prepared to spend money! Its a city and not as inexpensive as other Asia countries.

Is Singapore kid friendly? Things to do with kids?

Is that even a question? I literary believe Singapore was built to be kid friendly! There are so many activities and adventures to do with kids and families here in Singapore. The list of things to do here are endless but here are a few of my favorites..

  • Universal Studios Singapore

  • Kidz Amaze -Indoor playground

  • Singapore Zoo

  • Night Safari

  • Singapore S.E.A Aquarium

  • Singapore Water Park Adventure Cove

  • Trapped- Play in an escape room and try to get out of different rooms as a family.

  • AMPED Trampoline Park

  • Dragon Playground- One Of Singapores oldest playgrounds

  • KidZania- Kids can play out their future careers


Don't dream your life, travel your dream. - Unknown

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