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Anse Cafard Slave Memorial In Martinique(Cap 110)

Anse Cafard Slave Memorial(Cap 110 ) is a memorial site in Martinique that was dedicated to the illegal slave trade. Although the trade of slaves was embargoed in 1815, that did stop the dangerous illegal trade.

On the night of April 8,1830 a ship carrying a cargo of slaves collide into Diamond Rock Mountain in a violent storm. The boat was completely destroyed. There was about 300 individual on the ship. The only known survivors were 86 and only 46 corpses were recovered.

Painter and sculptor, Laurent Valere of Martinique pay tribute to the slaves that lost their lives in the crash. In this devastating crash, the memorial site symbolizes the many victims of men and women that were shackled to the ship, didn't get a proper burial, and fell victim to the sinking ship.

All 15 statues faces lean in the same direction, overwhelmed, eyes lowered to the land and the sea. The fact this stands overlooking an area of beauty throws more light on the ugliness of the deeds and practice. They represent the crowd of the anonymous victims of the slave trade. The triangle of statues also face towards 110 east-southeast towards Africa and the Gulf of Guinea.

Visiting the Ansa is a moving experience. You can visit the Memorial at all hours of the day, any day of the week. Anse Cafard Slave Memorial sits on a hillside close to Diamond Rock Beach. You'll also be able to witness the view of Diamond Rock from the site and look out to the chilling waters where this event took place off the coast. You'll surely be able to feel the emotion and appreciate dedicated to the site.


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