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Finding happiness in undeveloped countries.

While waiting for our food to be cooked, our daughter Amiyah attention goes straight to these young Sri Lankan's playing outside. She wants to play with them. We let her. She took off her shoes without hesitation and picked up their marbles that they were playing with. It was a great sound to just hear the laughter of our daughter having fun with kids around her age. It just amazed us that these kids could make a good time out of the littlest things. I always get the question of why would you want to bring your family to an undeveloped country? Well, why not? Its moments like these I never want my daughter to forget. She has no judgment of what they have or don't have, she just knows their kids. I want my daughter to forever have a mindset that we are all human and to humble yourself. You could have everything in the world and still be unhappy but traveling to countries like these most people see poverty but I see pure happiness. Thank you, Sri Lanka, for finding happiness within me and my family's heart.

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