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Inflatable Travel Leg Rest Pillow

Long haul flights can be a drag, but when your prepared with the right travel equipment to put you more at ease you can get through it!

I only fly with our HOMCA inflatable leg rest. Our main use from this device is when we take long haul flights but this simple blow up device can be used anywhere. On a train, at home, a car, you name It! Wherever you want to stretch out and be comfortable, pull it out!

Having our inflatable leg rest really saved my life on our last long haul journey while traveling pregnant. Since my 2 year old toddler is attached to my hip, bed time on the plane is being stretched out on me! Knowing this, purchasing the inflatable leg rest saved my life on our dozen of plane rides! The only regret I have is not purchasing two leg rest: one for me and one for our daughter! Although one was big enough to share with my small daughter, if we had two Amiyah could have had a full size bed on the plane!

I couldn't have been any happier about my new travel device. I strongly recommend the HOMCA inflatable leg rest for frequent travelers like our family. Its an affordable device for budget travelers and small enough to attach on our carry-on backpack!

Highlights of the Inflatable Travel Leg Rest Pillow.

  • Improves your BLOOD CIRCULATION and reduce SWELLING by raising your legs. Help in reducing the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), in relieving back pain since sitting for long period of time.

  • It can be used as kid's bed to lay down flat on flights or as a chair while waiting at the airport.

  • Can be used on airplanes, cars, buses, trains, and the office.

  • Its affordable and great for budget travelers!

Features of Inflatable Travel Leg Rest Pillow.

  • Made of washable soft PVC Flocking. Environmental friendly material, healthy and hygienic. Inflated size(Approx):15*10*18in (39*24*46cm). Deflated size(Approx):6*4in (15*10cm).

  • It weights only 0.8 lb(365g)

  • Inflates less than 2 minutes

  • Deflates in less than 10 seconds

  • HOMCA travel foot rest pillow adopts hot-pressing technology that the thickness of PVC material and tear is to decrease, but the load-bearing capacity and wear-resistance is to increase.

  • The double valve you inflate has an extra large opening to make the inflating or deflating process quick and easy. The smaller opening is used to give you a tighter seal when blown up.

  • Leakproof with tight air seal.

What are you waiting for? Purchase your Inflatable Travel Leg Rest Pillow now on Amazon.

" Don't miss out on something that could be great because it could also be difficult."


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