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Mountain Buggy Portable Pod High Chair

You might think, why would I ever need a portable high chair while traveling with an infant? Well, why not? Once your infant becomes mobile as a mom you know it's not that easy to keep your infant in one place! Just imagine if you're on the go while traveling to a relatives' house or staying in an Airbnb that's not baby proof! The thought of my infant crawling in an unfamiliar home, grabbing anything and everything gives me the chills. My anxiety just jumps thinking about it! One thing that puts me on ease is the Mountain Buggy Portable Clip-On highchair.

For starters, the portable clip-on pod high chair is super lightweight and compacted! It's fairly also convenient to carry around and small enough to fit in the net of my Mountain Buggy Nano stroller!

During my last solo trip with the kids in Mexico, the portable high chair really came in handy when being alone. The best part of it all was that it was an easy snap onto the island of our Airbnb! He was also completely safe and out of trouble! It was a comfortable feeling knowing he can see, play, and eat right in front of me.

To purchase your Portable Clip-on Highchair click the direct link to The Mountain Buggy website.

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-Brian Tracy


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