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My DNA Heritage Results.

Before my results.

I've always wanted to know what my exact DNA says about me. It's no surprise to me that my test results would come back with more than 3 ethnicities because I'm a mixed child! When people ask me what my nationality is, I normally tell them I'm white and black to keep it simple. I have no Hispanic ancestors which most people commonly mistake me as. Before taking my test, my family told me for many years that my mother's side is mixed with Italian, Polish, and Pennsylvania Dutch. On my father's side, I was mixed with Cherokee Indian and Ghanaian. These are the nationalities I was sure were in my background.

After my results.

After my DNA testing, I was actually shocked with my results. For sure I knew I was from countries in Africa and Europe but I wouldn't find any new ethnicities, just the exact percentage of what I was already told, but boy was I wrong! For starters, who the heck is Greek in our family? I wasn't expecting this result. Why am I only 4% Italian and not more? Where does this 1% Japanese come from? I'm not Polish but I’m Scandinavian. It was very mind-blowing to find out this new information. It became so interesting that I actually purchased a DNA kit for my grandmother so we could figure out where this Greek comes from. She's the one in our family who was supposed to be the Italian one. The other 43% didn't surprise me because I knew half of my ancestors came from Africa, but it was very interesting to find out the results of where my family could have possibly came from. My African American side never really talked about where we came from because of course, they went through slavery, so it wasn't a topic just to conversate about. My Heritage DNA was finally able to give me the answers I've been looking for. Overall I'm happy with my result, and the DNA testing was worth all my new shocking discoveries! Now I know the exact nationalities, and I can tell people what I am when they ask me what my" white and black" consists of. I'm now looking forward to looking into my other family members' DNA and visit the countries that relate to my DNA.

Do you believe that My Heritage DNA can connect you to other family members?

People ask me if I believe in the results and I do. It was actually interesting that my grandfather on my mother's side took a DNA test months before I did. I didn't even know it he did and My Heritage DNA connected us. My Heritage DNA gave me the possibility and percentage DNA that this could be my first grandfather and he was! It was just shocking because I didn't add any information about myself or family members on my profile. My grandfather and I even have two different last names. I fully believe that the DNA testing is not just a hoax for your money. The only way you'll be connected to a family member through My Heritage DNA is if another family member DNA is in the system.

Steps when taking DNA test.

1. Activate your DNA kit online by registering it. Your vials code will match up with the activation code on your card in the box. This is how you will be able to keep track of whose vail is whose when testing in the lab. Keep this activation card for your records.

2. Open up your kit in a sanitary area to avoid contamination.

3. Swap your cheeks for 30-60seconds.

TIP: For the best results try not to eat or drink up to an 1 hour to avoid contamination.

4. Break off the swap ends and place in the vail.

5. Repeat step 3 a second time with the second swap.

6. Place both vials in biohazard bag.

7. Place biohazard bag into mailing envelope and ship off your DNA. Be ready for results within 4-6 weeks.

What comes in my kit?

  • Two vails

  • Activation card

  • A biohazard bag

  • A mailing envelope( postage is not included)

  • Two swap sticks

"The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are, the second greatest is being happy with what you find."


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