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Scuba Diving in Belize with Ambergris. Blue Hole.

Scuba diving in Belize has been my dream for years.

Now, I can finally say I checked it off my bucket list diving with Ambergris Divers!

The Barrier Reef in Belize has to be one of the best diving experiences I've had within the past five years. It is now the largest LIVING BARRIER REEF in the world. Notice I said living! I went diving in Australia a few years back and it was a beautiful experience but the reef is dying there.

The local dive sites by the Ambergris felt like I took a plunge into an aquarium! There was a lot of underwater life to see; schools of fish, reef sharks, sea cucumber, lobsters, sting rays, & more.

The Ambergris staff were knowledge on each dive site and always had fun. They also made sure we had snacks and beverages.

After one of the local dives, we actually went snorkeling to Shark Ray Alley and Hol Chan Marine Reserve! This was one of my favorite parts because I love the nurse sharks and I love to feed them. This is a spot you can't miss!


It takes two hours to reach The Blue Hole by boat from San Pedro. The ride was breathe taking. As we got closer to The Blue Hole, you could see the water changing many shades to turquoise! We even saw whales that swam nearby. From the boat we chased them for a while and enjoyed watching the whales swim. It was such an amazing experience!

As soon as we reach the Blue Hole, I just couldn’t believe we arrived. The site is beautiful, but you just have to be there to experience the surreal feeling. Once we descended about 120 feet, I felt the thrill. The further down we went I thought it would get dark, but there’s actually a lot of light that shines in. There’s not much life in the sinkhole of the wall, but we spotted about three reef sharks that passed by the giant limestone structures on the wall of the hole. Diving in The Blue Hole was Historical!

If you’re going to The Blue Hole, you can also stop at Half Moon Caye! That’s were we stopped at by the Blue Hole dive! The island is natural monument of Belize located at the southeast corner of Lighthouse Reef Atoll.

The island is a protective and reserved so no one lives on the island but it is home to the Red-footed Booby colony birds. This is the only island in the world where you can find the birds. So that’s pretty cool. Half Moon Caye island also had probably the clearest water in Belize! I think this island was one of my favorite moments in the day.

If you're looking for an enjoyable experience while visiting Belize, you need to take the plunge with Ambergris for all your water activities.


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